Don’t tell Giz

her tote bag is ready and will be in the mail later this week so don’t let her know there’s a photo here.  Giz said she likes yellow and blue so I hope this yellow and blue fabric from one of Alex Andersons fabric lines will just about do for her.

And here’s the Knitters tote I’m sending off to MJ (pictured in the previous post).  She was such a great hostess and has baskets of knitting in two places in her home.  I thought that she might like something portable and fun.  This is another fabric line that I just love…glorious colors that just sing!

Yesterday dh, tmg and I went to Brotherhood Winery for the day.  They give great tours of winery explaining the wine making process and the history of the winery.  This is the oldest continuously run winery in the United States.  During prohibition that vinted Sacramental Wines. 

The caverns are below ground.  This section is currently not being used to store wine but for the history of the winery.  Brotherhood doesn’t have any vinifera on the property however, they are have two properties in the Catskills where they’re growing wine making grapes.

In the near future they will have a B&B and spa opening!  Should be interesting to see how that works.

We sat outside the gift shop under a covered area with picnic tables having a bite to eat.  The Rhineling wine went well with our cold cuts, chips and pumpernickel pretzels!  Yummy.  As we ate our tour guide, the hostess and the web designer all came and chatted with us.  Great folks. 

The wine tasting area has changed since our last visit and I like how they’re offering the tastings now.  In flights and with several different choices.  They have a “World Tour” that allowed us to taste wines from Chile and France.  The Grenache from france really needs to be tasted with food.

If you haven’t been to The Quilt Show website now is a great time to go.  Series 1 is now available on dvd.  Series 2 just finished with a road trip that was certainly fun.  They are just about to launch series 3.  Each show has something neat to offer.  When they get to 50,000 members Bernina will be giving a sewing machine and Superior threads will be giving about $500 in thread to the winner of the machine.  It will be an exciting moment for sure.

The Quilt Show is not Simply Quilts that’s for sure.  (TQS wasn’t promoted as the next SQ in their early advertising)  Alex and Rickys personalities and quilting differing quilting styles shine through, they have time to spend with the guests, show a technique from beginning to end with as much information offered as possible and have fun while they’re at it!  Since this isn’t network television the guests can talk about the products they use and why they use them.

Happy Quilting!


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