Scraps, cleaning, quilt show and a trip

Whew!  Sounds like an awful lot however, the scraps, cleaning and the trip are all part of the same story.  On one of the message boards where I participate I mentioned something about getting rid of my scraps.  The scraps were building and at a certain moment I realized I’m not a scrap quilter.  I very much appreciate the beauty of scrappy quilts, particularly ones that are well planned, I just have no interest in making a lot of them.  And I do mean a lot!  I had no idea how much scrap fabric I had around until one of the other quilters on the message board said she’d take them for charity quilts that she makes on a regular basis.  So I started putting them in a bag, and then a box, then another bag.  I combined all of that and then there was the second box I started today.

Here comes the trip part.  I’m heading out for a quilt weekend including a show and thought I’d see my friend and give her the scraps.  Although she’s not coming for this trip she is going to visit a mutual friend next month so I’m bringing a huge bag, 24 x 24 x 9, and an 18 x 13 x 6 inch bag full of scraps for her.  Since I’m getting ready for the trip I’m also putting things together to take with me to work on, so the scrap pile kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  I couldn’t believe how many scraps I had.  As I tidied up the sewing room I “found” fat quarters, yardage and quilted fabric for totes – that was so amazing as I thought I’d finished up all of the “Color Bridge” fabric by Alex Anderson that I’d had.

My floor space has opened up considerably!  Next thing you know I’ll be able to vacuum and pick up all of the threads and odd bits of fabric from paper piecing that end up on the floor ala Eleanor Burns.  Eleanor has the luxury of other people cleaning up the studio after she’s finished, at least that’s how I picture the whole scene.

I had the privilege of attending the Clamshell quilters Quilt Show in East Lyme on Sunday.  The day started bright and early and I loved every moment of it.  There were some amazing quilts.  No pictures though since I put the rechargables in to recharge way too late and the other batteries were dead!  Ugh!  Two of the other girls took photos for me which I appreciated.  One of the neatest quilts is a whole cloth done on black fabric with variegated colors for thread.  The quilter designed the quilting and I’m inspired.

I’ll be at a quilt show this weekend as well, my NY Beauty is in the show and I’m interested to get the judges comments when they come.  One judge already gave comments that were very helpful and I made a couple of changes to the quilt before sending it off.

Oh, my new dining room table arrived yesterday afternoon!  I’ll try and get photos tomorrow.  We purchased a Canadel pub-height table and six chairs from a local shop.  Four of the chairs swivel and all are covered in chocolate brown ultrasuede.

The table cloth and plastic cover are to keep the wood from getting scratched by the cats.  Sometime in the fall we’ll be going to a local glazier to get a piece of glass cut to fit the top of the table.  This is also the first time I’ve been able to really use this table cloth…it really fits.  When the leaf is in it will hang just nicely.

Happy Quilting!


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