Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was absolutely amazing.  My sisters youngest daughter was so excited about turning four it was contagious.  My 93 year old gramma came for the party and as we neared the car (gramma wanted to go home) our newly four year old told gramma she didn’t want her to go.  I wish I’d had my camera to catch the interaction because it was beautiful.


night neen, giovanna and I worked on dm’s quilt, where this

was the original center and it changed and was quilted more.

After hanging the quilt on the design wall, making some cuts to shape the quilt by the star and adding more quilting to keep it the same across the surface this is what we came up with.  Neen and Giovanna helped me pick the binding.  DM loves the quilt an I couldn’t be happier because I was quite nervous she wouldn’t like it.  The binding is a green that matches and frames the quilt nicely.  Next time I’m at neens I’m going to have DM bring the quilt and I’ll shoot it hanging on the design wall.

Saturday brought us to the Maine Quilts quilt show in Augusta, ME.  It was a very, very exciting day for each of us…Neen had a huge surprise for Melissa.  Melissa made this quilt for neen in the same challenge I made the quilt above for DM.  Neen loves the quilt (& Melissa so much she entered the quilt in the show and Melissa took 3rd place in machine quilted bed quilts.

dm melissa neen
dm melissa neen

The look of shock, joy and surprise on her face is priceless and I’m so happy to have been here at this moment.  Melissa is such a teacher she showed a few ladies looking at the quilt how she accomplished the quilt pattern in one area of the quilt.

Melissa is so excited!

Then I went to find my quilt.  And I could have been easily knocked over with a feather when I arrived to see a second place ribbon on my quilt.  I’d just said to neen the night before that I’d entered the quilt for the judges comments and I KNEW it wasn’t going to get a ribbon.  I’m so glad that I added quilting in different areas of the quilt so that it was more even across the surface of the quilt.  And used some color in different areas to highlight and add some contrast.

I am so excited! 

This quilt will be in one more show later this year and will be making a special trip to Maine in October on a secret mission.

While in “The Hood” I worked on learning a bit of trapunto so that I can make my friends quilt later this year.  Neen showed me a book and I started playing around.  I have two blocks ready and two or four more to go for some practice then I’ll start working on the actual quilt.

We did some shopping at Mardens and I’ll post pictures of my loot later in the week!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Congratulations! I wonder if the judges account for blood, sweat and tears when they judge a piece! Looks wonderful!

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