Lemon Jello or I wasn’t planning on cleaning the fridge

remember the bathroom story and the blue goo all over the place?  The one where I had to use the loo and was running warm water really needed to use the loo?

This isn’t that story.  Nope…as the title suggests this one is about Lemon Jello isn’t any more fun than blue goo to clean up although this time I didn’t have to use the loo, I just really wanted to get the jello in the fridge, make a grilled cheese sandwich (we have this off-the-hook aged white VT cheddar) and get into the sewing room.

DH needs to have clear liquids or clear type foods tonight.  I won’t go into detail at this point, however lets just say I feel for the guy.  At the grocery store I picked up lemon and lime jello.  3 boxes of each and started out making two boxes.  Hot water, stir, stir, stir, cold water stir some more and pop into the fridge to set up.

I must add at this point that jello is not one of my favorite foods to make.  I think growing up I missed the whole “stir until dissolved or 2 minutes” part of the directions so it set hard on the sides.  I like well made jello, just not when I make it it just doesn’t generally come out very well.  At the very least I know I can boil water.

I get the jello onto the bottom shelf of the fridge and realized I needed to get it on the top shelf as I had something else to put there.  So I start taking stuff off the shelf to rearrange everything to get the jello where I want it.  Ya’d think this would be fairly easy.  Except for the bowl of pasta sitting rather precariously on the other shelf, just up and to the left of the bowl of jello.  The pasta was good the other night when I came home, really good, especially since I didn’t have to make it.  It was, however, in the wrong place at the time I’m putting jello on that shelf to set up for my dh who needs to have it for tonight.  As I pull my hand back from setting the second jello bowl into the fridge the bowl of pasta shifts just enough to land smack dab in the middle of the liquidy jello.  Splash, doesn’t quite describe it.  The walls and shelves of the fridge turned from beautiful clear glass to a lovely lemon jello color.

The color of lemon jello is very cool, in fact so cool that a very similar color will be in one of my nieces quilt.  It does not belong on the walls and shelves of the fridge.  I start soaking it up thinking and hoping that that’s all I’ll have to do.  As evidenced by the blue goo story it’s always worse than it seems so as I grab this tub of Smart Balance and that bottle of Red Zinfandel out of the fridge I’m seeing yellow every where.  Yellow here, yellow there, yellow jello starting to set up because it’s so flat.  Yikes.  I empty the fridge shelf by shelf wiping lemon yellow jello from every crack, corner and crevice and I’m thinking…it’s just another one of those days.

After 15 minutes of cleaning the fridge and restocking everything my fridge is now clean, dh’s jello is setting up nicely and the sewing room and a/c are calling me back in there.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I have to tell you, this happened to me when I was pregnant with our first child. I had only COLD water to clean it up with, and I cried (hormonal tears) thru the entire event. Now I can laugh about it! But I thoroughly sympathize. Seems you took it all in stride.

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