I’m thankful for quilting…

This post has been in my mind for days.  “I’m Thankful for Quilting” is the second title, the first being, “Why I Quilt”  Working at a quilt shop has me thinking about my own quilting journey, why I quilt, and what are my long-term goals.

I started piecing patchwork right before my sister married 15 years ago.  Dh and I married just over a year, working at a Church near the Singer Sewing Factory where my vintage/antique singers were made.  The patchwork place mats were made with upholstery samples given to me for another project I was working on.  Making the place mats got me exercising that creative side.


I made a few crib sized quilts for various people, then moved on to Bob’s quilt – a double Irish Chain using mostly Amish Colors.  I machine pieced this over two weekends.  I had to quit the first weekend because I learned the hard way that careful placement of fingers is a must when using a rotary cutter! I hand quilted the main body of the quilt and then machine quilted the outer blocks…after 5 or 6 years of working on it here and there I was ready for this to be done!  It’s on our bed right now.


I’m still working out the new quilt – I know this: the main body of the quilt will be an 8 pointed star, I will use trapunto as a main feature of the quilt work and the fabric my sisters gave me will feature prominently and several ideas are floating around in my head.  Each spoke of the star is based on a 5 x 5 grid so will essentially have 25 diamonds.

I also need to work on the round robin quilt over the weekend.  The idea’s floating around in my head need to be solidified and completed.  I’ve had a couple including drawing out some of the center pieces and getting the quilt ready for some trapunto and using the trapunto as part of the design of the border I’m adding.  The problem I can see with that is that the person who ends up with the quilt might not want the trapunto and it might be a pain in the neck for the next person to work with the batting underneath. Gotta think about this a bit!

Happy quilting!


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