And now for something completely…

new to this blog.  (Admit it you thought I was going to say different, didn’t you?!)

One of the things that my sweet dh and I like to do is eat at different restaurants.  We’ll try them out, if we like them we’ll take friends there.  One of our favorite places ever is City Limits in White Plains.  This is the one restaurant we’ve been going to for the nearly 14 years we’ve lived in NY and have never had a bad meal or bad service.  The food is off the hook!

When we were first married and living in Elizabeth, NJ we went to a small, family owned placed called Cianfano’s.  Great family, great home made Italian food (particularly the Ravioli).  Oh baby.  We were sad to hear a few years back that the place had closed.  Well now, they’re back!  The food is still great and they still have that family owned and operated feel about the place.  The family was able to purchase back the original building for the restuarant.  So if you’re ever in Elizabeth they’re located at 715 4th Avenue.  At this point they’re only open for dinner, but it’s so good!

My husband shared a link with me this morning, apparently Zagat isn’t just for restaurants any more.  They’re now doing shops.  Featured on the NY1 news this morning, they had  The City Quilter and a ribbon shop.

Happy quilting!


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