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Mini Group

I am a member of 2 mini-groups.  One group is about 2 years old and our goal is to meet monthly but we’re pretty understanding of schedules & commitments.  We quilt, have a bite or two to eat, drink wine & support one another.  It’s really fun to meet with one another in a smaller setting.

The 2nd group is just forming.  Yesterday was our 2nd meeting, my first with them.  Renée has posted 4 stories about the evening.  We had a bit of show & tell.  In one of the photos on Renée’s blog I’m holding up a quilt that I’m taking the stitching out of the appliqué work that I did for part of the round robin challenge we’re working on with the Pelham Quilters.  I’m not happy with the stitching and I’m going to check the actual border itself.  I’m not sure if its laying flat on one corner, that’s easily fixable.  With the appliqué I’m going to figure out how to attach it to Lite Steam a Seam and leave the layout just as it is.  One of the things I was worried about is the effect of the appliqué…and in seeing it in the photo it actually worked.  

It’s interesting how taking photographs of my work can have an interesting impact on what I’m doing.  










If I were making this quilt now I would change a couple of things with the fabric…I would use a lights & brights more consistently for more contrast and depth in the quilt.  I would hope to distribute them either more evenly across the surface of the quilt or be mindful of shading across the surface.  There is one arc I wouldn’t use as the effect of the spikes is lost because the value is too close and it make the arc look off balance.  

While I see these things now – I wouldn’t change a thing about “When Alex & Jinny met in NY Beauty Happened” because of all of the things I learned and am continuing to learn from it.  

Since I’ll be teaching NY Beauty in a few weeks I’m going to head over to the camera shop in Bronxville and get these two photos printed for the class to see.  

Happy Quilting!


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