50th Anniversary Card

My sweetie talked with a friend last night who mentioned her neighbor’s 50th Anniversary is coming this weekend.  So to the stash and sewing machine I went – with a new tool in my quilting stash Lite Steam A Seam.

I have a bit of Caryl Bryer Fallert fabric, the commercial stuff that Benartex puts out that I got in Maine last summer.  I adore Caryls fabric…the gradations, the variety and how they blend.  

I chose a piece of hand dyed from Maggi from her pay it forward stash as the back ground.  I made an 8.5 x 11 piece from Caryls fabric, ironed Lite Steam a Seam to it, cut the various bits out that I wanted and came out with this:

anna-andy-50-front-full-viewRenee will be so amazed because this is another one of those techniques that I thought I’d never embrace.  Never say never, is one of my newly embraced quilting motto’s because there is just something free and beautiful and organic about this piece, at least for me.

The gallery show the progress of the Anniversary Card.  I enjoyed the entire process from cutting out the shapes to placing them, making changes here and there to see what would work better in this spot or that spot.  Even the border is fused, though I don’t have photos of the progress.  I stitched it down after for a bit of detail.


I’m a huge fan of Superior Threads and love the fine quilting line of MasterPiece.  I chose 4 colors – a light purple/lavender, yellow, red and orange for the quilting.   


Quilters Dream Request Loft – one of my favorite battings.   Renee introduced me to this batting when I started Maggie’s Quilt years ago.  Since then I’ve tried several other Quilters Dream Battings and really have enjoyed how they needle for both hand and machine work.  I use Request loft for totes and cards, it’s thin and lovely.

I’ve updated the gallery to include several photos of the back, which is a Caryl Bryer Fallert piece.  Yummy.  I useda  Sulky variegated cotton on the back.  I’ve noticed that when using MasterPiece and Sulky (bobbin) that I need to thread the arm of the bobbin.  Threading the arm provides just a hint more tension on the bobbin thread and I’ve found that I don’t get pin dots.


Happy quilting!


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  1. Teri, that little quilt is adorable. You did a great job. Where did you get the Masterpiece and So Fine from? Did you order direct from Superior?
    Write when you can,

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