New day, new quilt adventure

One thing I learned yesterday while playing with fabric and Lite Steam A Seam…make sure the paper side is up and the glue side is down before running a hot iron over the fusible.  Okay, I already knew that but didn’t check to make sure and it took a bit to get the glue off the faceplate of the iron.

I’m going to have to get some more fusible.  I think I’ll try Wonder Under recommended by Renee.  With this piece I decided to play with shapes to see what happens and then quilt it to it’s fullness.

flower-before-feathersI just realized I should have flipped this picture, but it’s okay.  









Same flower with feathers quilted around most of it.  If I were really brave I’d take out some of the quilting on the right side of the photo and finish the feathers.  I’ll think about that a little bit.  This flower would be really pretty with all of the feathers complete.  Hmmn…





Since I’ve learned how to do feathers and be consistent with them I’m feeling a bit obsessed.  Part of my personal challenge is to see how small I can get them.  It’s fun in that regard because tiny feathers can be really sweet.







Another idea was to do a small grid and see how small I could keep it.  I got it to be fairly tiny as shown here.  This is part of the stiching I’m considering taking out.  I’ll just have to see how much work I want to do, except the feathered flower would be really pretty.







As I quilt I think about how things will look and wonder if I choose this or that thread what will be the difference.  Since this is a play piece I chose to change my thread to a variegated in blues and see what happens.  Since the back ground is hand dyed orange the variegated blue really pops.  This picture doesn’t quite capture how fun this looks.  (Anne this is what I mentioned last night on the phone – we might want to consider looking into Moda Marbles for our brown.)

little-bitsI really like the look of the swirls and how much fun they can be on a quilt.  Part of the fun and challenge is making sure they’re not all the same size for two reasons 1) if they’re all the same size its a bit blah on the quilt and 2) they get a bit boring and mindless as I quilt and that’s when weird stitching happens



swirls-and-more-swirlsOne of the neat things about taking photos of works in progress is that I get to see what’s happening in the piece.  I’d looked through the camera at the swirls here with just the orange swirls complete and realized this section needed a bit of pop.  In comes the variegated blue.  





I’ll post more in a day or two when I’ve finished the piece.


Happy Quilting!


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