Customer Quilts, Benartex and Brochure

Most quilting I’m doing these days is on customer quilts so there aren’t any photos to post. I enjoy doing customer work and the opportunity to grow as a quilter.   Yesterday as I showed the class my quilts I saw something very interesting, to me at least, a technique I tried a few years ago on “49 Pieces of Chocolat” has improved a lot.  The class was going well, timing wise we were over 15 minutes before I even realized it!  Yipes.


As I’ve mentioned I’ve done some pattern testing for Benartex.  Here’s a link to Lucy’s Kitchen   Cosmopolitan  and Gradations II , the three patterns I’ve tested.  As more patterns come I’ll post them.   As soon as the fabric comes and the quilts are approved and tested I’ll add quilt designer to the list.  I’m so excited about this!  

I now have a brochure with a list of classes if your guild or shop would be interested in having me visit.   Quilted cards, quilted totes and a trunk show are currently on the brochure.  Once I figure out how to add the brochure and my pricing list I’ll put the page back up.

Happy Quilting!


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