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Hoffman Challenge

Anne & I are working on the Hoffman Challenge together.  We’re finding the process intriguing and trying to figure out a way to best use the Challenge Fabric.   We agree on where the quilt is going, but we’re not quite sure where that is.

We took the quilt to our mini group last night and got some input, really good input.  I woke up thinking about the quilt this morning. 

This green is a primary focus color in our quilt.  And as I’m looking at this fabric here, I’m realizing it’s the not quite right.  (Anne when you read this call me, we’ll talk).

I think this is the type of color I was trying to describe in my email, though I’m thinking we need a clearer, cleaner color.  Or that we need to go look through Renee’s stash and find the right batik for this.  Then there’s Zooks.

A lovely box arrived from UPS the other day from Benartex and I started checking the pattern yesterday.  I really enjoy this process from checking the numbers to actually making the quilt.  

My sweetie might get to go to Rita’s tomorrow.  Lucky guy.

Happy quilting!


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