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Spring is springing here in the City.  I’m enjoying having the windows open, listening to the birds and watching my front garden start to sprout up.  

Next Friday & Saturday I will be in Lancaster for the Quilters Heritage Celebration.  I’m excited to go see all of the wonderful quilts and shop.  Anne & I will be shopping for thread for our quilt.  We have some ideas about color and final decisions will be made next week.  Oh the choices we have!


I have a student in my machine quilting class who has the Project Runway machine.

We’re having trouble getting the tension balanced as she tries to quilt. Any suggestions?  We’ve tried tightening the tension, loosening the tension.  She’s using Mettler thread 50 wt.  I’d appreciate any help.



This afternoon I’m heading over to Susans to get some work done on a project that’s been put off a couple of times.  My guess is that we’re going to get part of it complete, it’s a big project.  


I’ve added a few new links over the last few weeks.  Today Matt Sparrow of Man Quilter.  He’s a quilter, dad of 8 and really cool.  

Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “Random stuff”

  1. Sorry — can’t help you with the tension. 🙁 Thanks for the link though! His work is gorgeous!

  2. Teri… where are your quiter links… I click on the word ‘Quilters’ on top, but I am always brought to a comment window. I don’t have a problem with the show link….

  3. Does she have the right bobbins for the machine? I was teaching a lady that didn’t know there were different size/shapes of bobbins. Once we had the right ones, her tension was perfect.

  4. Something else to check is the needle; try replacing it. Make sure it fits the thread you’e using.

  5. Does the thread come off the spool correctly? Does the thread stay in the tension guide? Can you adjust the tension on the bobbin? The other comments are great ones! I hope you figure out the problem.

  6. Thanks for the kind word Teri!

    I love your work too. I love seeing your pictures on FaceBook. They area a great inspiration! Keep on stitchin.

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