What happens in Lancaster . . .gets posted on my blog!

Congratulations to Mary Anne on the birth of her 4th grand child!  Welcome Zephyr!

Thank you Cathy for doing all of the driving, here there and everywhere for our entire trip through torrential down pours, high gusty winds and twisty turny Lancaster County roads!

Our first stop on this trip, Wegmans for a few snacks and goodies to keep us well fueled and ready to shop and see quilts until we dropped.  Picked up a few goodies for dinner.  That is a whole blog in and of itself.  Let’s just say my mouth is watering now just thinking about this indulgent finery.

The first quilt shop stop on this girls weekend out was Burkholders Fabrics.  Along they flowing water in unusual places indicated how incredibly wet the whole area was from the rain.  A spruce that had to be about 20+ feet tall had fallen over, fortunately not onto anyone or anything!  Anne & I searched for thread for our quilt (next post as the photo is on the camera) and found 5 different colors and we’ll add the holoshimmer that she already has in her stash for a bit of splash and fun.

Next on to Sauders where we found the backing for our quilt and Cathy found several pieces for her daughters’ quilt.  I would have purchased some bamboo batting however I had wool on the brain and wanted to look a little bit more before actually purchasing it.  I bought a king and queen sized Hobbs wool bat at The Old Country Store in Intercourse, I had a hard time not bringing the entire batik section of the shop to the front and saying to the gals cutting, “a yard of each please.”  (Sweetie, just so you know I didn’t do it.)  I helped Anne purchase fabric for a class she wants to teach instead, that was good enough.

After a bit of a snack and getting settled into our hotel we went to the show.  I’ll tell you anytime after 5 on Friday is the best time to go.  There are no crowds, making viewing the quilts and shopping soooooooooooo much easier!  I bought my rotary blades, test drove the Bernina 830 set up on a frame and enough Superior Thread to last me, oh, about a week or so.   More on that later.

arabesque-full-viewOn to the quilts.  I was drawn to many different types of quilts this year and it seemed that the more simply complex the better.  This is “Arabesque” by Karen Kay Buckley.  A beautifully complex quilt.  The quilting on this is absolutely phenomenal.  










blushing-triangles-4-full-quiltBlushing Triangles is quite simply pieced triangles, the beauty of this is how the colors come together and how the quilting makes the most of the color and shape in the quilt.  blushing-triangles-4-id-card









flying-colorsThis is a photo I took for Renee to see.  I couldn’t remember if she was taking


 the bus trip to Lancaster or not however this quilt reminded me of her.  The black background, the flying geese and the bright color incorporated into the color wheel.  This gal paid a lot of attention to detail there are a couple of places where just bits and pieces of geese are stitched in where the correct color should be.


The most delightful experience of this whole trip was walking around the show with JB.  First of all I love hearing her tell tales of her kids.  She’s quite creative and descriptive.   Secondly she’s just finished piecing her second quilt (the third one she’s worked on) and it’s gorgeous!  I brought it home to quilt.  Julie and I walked around the vendor mall (across the stree from the Lancaster Host) looking for just the right backing and thread.  The backing was purchased from Sew Batik during our trip back to get the fabric we originally thought would work.  Either tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll show you the quilt and thread we got, I’ll be using quilters dream request loft batting.  The backing will be coming soon.

I also picked up the new double eyed needle that I’ll be anxious to try out soon.  I’m looking forward to lots of quilting over the next month or so!

Happy Quilting!



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  1. Well, well… sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time. Thanks for the picture… how did you know that I had been thinking about a sketch that is very similar based on some photos I saw of Julia’ deLonge’s quilts. (sorry I no I mis-spelled her name, but don’t have the time to go look it up right now)… 🙂

    and no I didn’t take the bus trip to Lancaster, even though I thought you were.. and it was a good thing I didn’t I was in bed sick all weekend.


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