Lancaster Day 2


cathy-anne-and-teri-lancaster-2Cathy, Anne & I had a totally awesome time at the Quilters Heritage Celebration.  I’m not sure if the crowds were down or not.  I’ve read in places that they were down.  When we were shopping at the Old Country Store there weren’t too many people in there however it may have been that they were all at the show by that time of day.   One lady remarked that she’s adding to her 401F, just as her husband is adding to his 401K – it’s her retirement stash.  Several other ladies were adding to their stashes as well to stimulate the economy.  



Dream of Eternity
Dream of Eternity




There were several quilts including this one where the quilter used odd shaped edges rather effectively on the quilt.  








Jennifer in a Galaxy all her own
Jennifer in a Galaxy all her own



I really enjoy when quilters employ techniques to give their quilts a bit of pizazz and fun.  Julie and I chatted about this quilt for a little bit – the use of shadow here is very effective, although my picture doesn’t seem to do it any kind of justice.














One thing I really like about Hamlet is that it’s made for a bed that has spindles at the foot and the quilt maker, using a very traditional method of leaving space for the spindles, used this to her advantage in defining the shape of her quilt.  









img_2840I realized after I posted this picture that I didn’t rotate it when I saved it.  I will do that some time later today and fix it here, however because of the way the quilt is made it’s okay for now.   I really like traditional work, even though my own quilting seems to be headed in a slightly different direction.  The care that goes into these quilts is absolutely amazing.  






The name of this quilt is Cathedral Ceiling and does remind me of a Cathedral ceiling!  It’s gorgeous.


More later!






Happy Quilting!


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  1. Looks like you had a much better time than I did this week-end. We were working on TAXES!!!!! Ready to send to the accountant, so now I am back to quitling. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hope you’re having fun in Lancaster. I recognize those two ladies you’re with — more fabulous quilters!

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