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More NSQG photos

Pictures will be coming as soon as I get it pieced – I’m trying my very first Convergence Quilt based on Ricky Tims Quilts.  I didn’t quite get the overall convergence going however I did include some curved piecing going up through the piece.  This will end up at the Little Quilt Auction for the National Quilters Association.  The proceeds from the Little Quilt Auction are given as grants to the charitable works of member guilds around the country.  Our guild received a grant this year to help Bedford Babies.  

close up of quilting feathered starOne of my favorite blocks is the feathered star.  I love the unique challenges this block presents from the tiny half square triangles to the opportunity for the center and open seam piecing (aka partial seam piecing).  This is a close up of the quilting on a feathered star quilt from the Norther Star Quilters show last weekend.  The hand quilting is wonderful.  There are moments when I wish I was a faster hand quilter…those flee by when I sit at my machine and we get into the groove of quilting.  

As an aside one thing I share with my students is that they will hear the rythm of their machine, know when it’s the right speed and eventually begin to hear when the bobbin is running out.  One of the gals in my current class actually heard what I’m talking about this week.  She said that in class it’s harder to hear, to pick out her own machine.   She’s right.

woven sunflower




The picture is cockeyed, not the quilt.  My favorite part of this Sunflower quilt (I have the info on who made this somewhere, just can’t locate it at the moment) is the woven center.  It’s incredible close up.  





I’ll have more pictures from Northern Star tomorrow.  Right now I’m going to bake some brownies for a funeral dinner.  Viola just turned 90 very recently.  Every month Viola would bring in a hand pieced, hand quilted quilt for one of our outreach programs.  What a tremendous gift.  I knew Viola was a basket maker and learned this week that she was active in her church youth group and the local food pantry.  

Happy Quilting!


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