Thoughts and Northern Star Quilt Show Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the Northern Star Show…





I often find it surprising what appeals to me as a quilter and why I like it.  Each quilt – whether intended as art or not evokes some kind of reaction – I was quite surprise to have such a strong reaction to Benedicte Caniell’s quilt “Unit 14”.  I don’t know if the circles are appliquéd or pieced in…this quilt just appealed to me.  








riggs-cats-quiltThis is Jeri Rigg’s Quilt – the title escapes me at the moment but it has something to do with cats.  The piecing design is based on a Chihuly glass art piece and is quilted in black and is quite fun.  

If you have a chance head over to Mary Anne’s blog and see her finished Generations Unite Quilt.  This quilt represents 6 generations of quilters in Mary Anne’s family.  Some of the blocks in the quilt were started by Mary Anne’s mom.  She has a whole presentation including this quilt.   If your guild is looking for a presenter I would heartily recommend Mary Anne.


I have a few close up pictures of some Sharon Schamber quilts…she was at NSQG as a special guest/speaker.  Her quilting is more amazing in person than in the photos in any of the magazines.   She gave some great tips for approaching different quilting techniques. 


green-monster-quiltI took a picture of this quilt by Jen Cannizaro just for the Red Sox loving members of my family.  A high school friend things I’m a closet Sox fan…sorry, I’m a Yankee’s fan…

More pictures over the next few days when I have some more time.  I finished a Benartex quilt Saturday morning before I headed out the door to go work in the quilt shop.  It arrived today much my relief and the delight of the folks who work there…they liked it a lot.  As soon as the pattern gets posted I’ll send you over for a picture.  My next gig with them is to design a quilt.  The quilt is designed, I need to figure out yardage and get the fabric needed and more wool batting.


Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Northern Star Quilt Show Pictures”

  1. Ooh — I really like that first quilt too! Thanks for the quilt show this morning!

  2. Teri – I also have a diverse appreciation for quilts. Some I just love to look at but wouldn’t necessarily want to make. I love the first two quilts. Thanks for the pictures. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

  3. Teri,

    I did not make it to the show this year 🙁 so, thanks for sharing your photos.


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