My sweetie has my camera

So I can’t show you what I played with yesterday. I have a piece of microfiber, black microfiber, that I quilted with wool. I love wool batting, I think I’ll use it in my quilts from now on it’s so easy to quilt. The microfiber was a bit of a challenge to move under the needle however I would quilt this again. I started quilting black on black but wasn’t seeing the work so switched to a variegated…love it! I kept the black in the bobbin, the back is nearly prettier than the front.


I finished the main part of the quilt for Benartex last night. I have appliqué to cut out for the border. I woke up thinking about the quilt and may make a change to the center. Since I’m waiting for one more fabric I will work on the directions. I’m loving this process. Just as I was getting started working on the design I viewed an episode of The Quilt Show where Ricky talked about the design process – basically working from the outside to the inside.  This gives you set parameters to work within and allows decision making regarding size to work effectively.   Knowing the finished size of the quilt makes making borders and blocks so much simpler!

If you have a chance today head over to Linda Pooles blog.  She’ll be coming to Village Squares in 2010 sometime.  One of the big features, at least for me is the Color Fix, I’m always inspired by this for my quilt making…better more effective use of color is always a good thing.

Jane Davila is getting ready to start classes at her barn.  They sound quite interesting.  Even if you’re not an “art quilter” per se there’s always something wonderful a quilter can learn.  Jane’s co-author, Elin Waterston, will be joining us in the fall.  I can hardly wait!

For you male quilters out there Matt Sparrow has created Man Quilters.  Cool site.  Matt has also created a quilt/craft classified ad site called Thread My Needle – there are already a couple of items listed – so if you have items you’d like to sell or are looking for just about any quilt/craft related item visit this site.  


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  1. Men! How dare he take your camera? Hee hee! Looking forward to seeing what you came up with!

  2. Teri – As always, I can’t wait to see your progress. Get back that camera! Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

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