microfiber fun

I got my camera back from my sweetie and commenced taking some photos of the microfiber quilt top that I

microfiber arcs feathers swirls

 got to play with last week.  I used King Tut by Superior thread top & bottom.  One of my standard threads!  I originally intended to use the Ebony top & bottom however I realized that it would be challenging to see as I quilted.  I have a goose neck light that I’m going to bring upstairs and use rather than the extension lamp I have there now.





microfiber back center

As you can see from this photo from the back of the quilt looking at this while I quilted for a while would have been a challenge without adequate lighting.  I like the effect though.   

I used wool batting on this piece.  Wool batting is a quilters best friend – it really eases stress on the shoulders.





microfiber arcsWhen I finished the swirling feathers I thought that arcs would be a great next step, following the line of the swirling feathers…when the arcs got too big I would start a new section and used my open toed embroidery foot as a guide between the arc lines.


microfiber back full viewThe lighting is a bit odd however I think you can see the quilting on here.  One thing I’ll do differently next time is center the motif to get better proportion.


microfiber swirling feathersThese swirling feathers are just way too fun.  I’ll be using these in the Hoffman Challenge quilt that I’ll start quilting in the next couple of weeks.  I’m on deadlines with several quilts…including my feathered star whole cloth quilt.  I’m debating which show to try and enter it into Nashua or there’s an exhibit through the City Quilter that I’m interested in.






Here’s a sneak peek at a customer quilt I’m curently working on.  

Jenny hexagon 1


Happy quilting!


9 thoughts on “microfiber fun”

  1. Glad you got your camera back — that quilting is gorgeous! I’ll have to try wool batting one of these days.

  2. Teri,
    Your quilting is marvelous and I am jealous! Do you do a run through practice before you get started?

    1. Depends on what I’m doing. Usually I just get started and see what happens – that’s what I did on this microfiber piece…I just started quilting. I’m working on the hoffman challenge and I did some test quilting just to see what the various colors and shapes would look .

  3. I’m back again as I love all the swirls you do. When I doodle I seem to do them over and over again, but I don’t translate to the machine. I have taken classes with Pat Delaney from MA who wins awards and works on one quilt a year for the judging. She works on a Viking and before her basement studio, worked in her dining room. I also took from a CT quilter from near Storrs. They wouldn’t like me mentioning it I am sure, because I don’t even practice and I am not a good role model for their teaching. That is why I live vicariously with your beautiful work.

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