Quilting Arts adventure part 2

NOTE: I just saw on Pokey’s facebook update that the 500 series will start airing in late December.  As soon as I have dates I will post them here.

Jeanne, as I mentioned in my previous blog, is a sweetie, and we often saw her like this: jeanne cook bernina educatorhard at work and taking care of each quilter who came though needing some time on the Bernina.    Jeanne had everything in her kit that each of us needed.  I was truly grateful that she called before I sent my box to OH because I didn’t need to run around getting all of the different needles I needed for the segment.

One bit I always share with my students is to listen to their machines, they will make different sounds when the bobbin is getting low or the machine needs some care.  As I sat at the machine on taping day something didn’t sound right and I couldn’t balance the tension for anything.  Jeanne listened for a minute, we took the bobbin housing apart, gave it a bit of oil and she purred like a kitten!  I’m so glad that didn’t happen on set.

helen and dianeIn the foreground of this photo is Helen Gregory, an editor of Quilting Arts, she spent her time working on the upcoming edition of Quilt Scene so we didn’t have much of a chance to chat however she’s sweet and welcoming!  Helen has a blog at Quilting Arts.

In the back corner is Dianne Giancola who will have a segment for Rit Dye on dying techniques.  Dianne teaches beginner sewing on a regular basis at Hartsdale fabrics where I work & teach and we were both surprised to see the other there.  After listening to her explain to Katherine, the assistant producer, the dyeing techniques I’m going to schedule her in with the Village Squares Quilters for a program & workshop.

andrea bishop

Andrea Bishop taped several segments for Electric Quilt.  There will be a new software release with Amy Butler & EQ.  So for the Amy Butler and EQ fans be on the look out for the release!

twilight finished 1Here is a photo of “Twilight in the Bronx” finished.  I need to add the sleeve and the label.  I’ve got the paperwork for A Quilters Gathering almost finished and will also be entering this into the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Celebration.  Susan Brubaker Knapp is encouraging me to enter this into Houston for next year.  If not Twilight, then Twilight 2.

Happy Quilting!


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