Anniversary Continued

bob took this pic of me So on Saturday we went to the Octoberfest at Bear Mountain with some good friends.  Their anniversary is one week before ours so it was a dual celebration. At some point my sweetie had my camera and took this picture. Many many years ago he was a photographer by trade and still does good work.  Some of his photos will be featured here on the blog in this post.  I miss the fact that he’s not a photographer at the moment because it’s something he really enjoyed for a long time.  He loves his work now and I’m so grateful for that! menu at germanfest While we were waiting on line to get some lunch my sweetie had the camera.  Good thing he wore a belt cause that’s where he carried it for me. doug and leanne at german fest So this is the really sweet couple we went with.  Well the backs of their heads anyway – my head too.  They knew about the zoo across the street so off we went to see what critters resided there.  Each one of the animals living there have been injured in some way and have found their way to Bear Mountain Zoo. bear stretching looking over there The bears really captured my sweeties attention.  He kept looking and looking and stretching and trying his best to reach the fence and climb up.  His paw was in the air like that for a good couple of minutes while he looked out into the woods adjacent. close up of the same guy I think.

bears mom im boredI thought these two were bored and didn’t have a clue what to to with themselves. If you get a chance to go to this zoo not only do you get to see some really neat creatures, you get to hike part of the Appalachian Trail all at the same time.

Then there is the bald eagle.  Beautiful and striking and regal. eagle 1eagle 2eagle 4

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