Tonight was class 3

One of the biggest surprises for in my quilting career is how much I love teaching.   A big thank you to Mary Anne for encouraging me down this path.  Mary Anne & I were driving back from somewhere and she asked me when I was going to start teaching…whew hadn’t give it a lot of consideration at that point, however, I’m grateful for the nudge.  Each student teaches me something new and keeps me on my quilting toes.

To my students if you’re reading this…practice, practice, practice and there will be dark chocolate peanut m&m’s next week.

Tonight I showed them a couple of pieces I’m working on and one that has served it’s purpose well.  When my friend & I were making eclipse full front view a“Eclipse” for the Hoffman Challenge we had a small top that she pieced and I quilted to test color and technique across the surface.  I have no intention of finishing it (binding at this point) because the it has served its purpose, two fold 1) it showed Anne & I how the color of the thread would play across the surface of the quilt and 2) my students get to see a practice piece.

I’m developing a new machine quilting class that needs a new jazzy title…any thoughts?  The focus will be moving beyond stippling & meandering, doing feathers and other free motion designs.  At this point I have about 20 techniques and will add a few more.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. If one lives too far away to take your class is there a way one can get some M&M’s of her own? Oh wait — I have a Walgreens down the street. YUM! Didn’t know they made those — I’ll get some this afternoon. 😀 How about “Let Your Foot Loose – Be Fancy & Free!”

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