From Pen thief to pin thief to . . . . donut thief

Some time ago I posted this blog on how I became a pin thief.  I still have several of the pins that came home with me that day.

Yesterday started out well enough.  My sweetie headed out to do some grocery shopping while I was perusing the internet blog sites that I visit, checking out the news and all that jazz.  By the time he arrived home I’d had breakfast, spoiling his plans for blueberry pancakes..oh well, there’s always next week.  While he was out he picked up 3 chocolate donuts with just a hint of cinnamon they smelled yummy.

In the afternoon I have mini-group, so we’re going to Church earlier in the day.  I go get ready and off we go.  While we’re at Church my sweetie realizes that yet again, for perhaps the 5th time since he got this thing, his phone died.  The first few times it was really annoying the more it’s happened the funnier it’s become.  I figured out yesterday that the phone died because the pew was shaking and I look over at him…looking at his phone & laughing.

After Church we head over to his office, which is less than 4 miles from our house, to get the paperwork & packing.  This is the first time since he started this job that I’ve gotten to see his office.  I must say I’m quite impressed.  It’s quite functional with loads of storage for all of the stuff they need to have in there.  As we’re on the way home we chat about a few things including what I’m going to pick up for the mini-group and having a quick bite to eat, including my one donut.

I’ll bet you can see where this is going.

I get all my stuff together…Generals Marking Pencils, pencil sharpener, the fabric that I’ve pieced for the next in the “Twilight in the Bronx” series…I eat my donut and thinking he’d had one already (didn’t know he’d only gotten 3) …eat the second one….get in the car and off we go.

As we’re driving over we discuss the donut situation and I realize that I’ve become a Donut Thief!  At first he thought I was kidding that I ate the donut.  Nope, I’m not.  I try to get out of him where he purchased said donut so I can stop there on my way home from work today to pick up another one for him.  Nope he won’t tell me.  I sing love songs to him…nope doesn’t work.  He still won’t tell me.  I try all the way over to get him to tell me.  Nope.  Not happening.  I’m doomed not knowing.

I guess it’s just been a slippery slope from pen thief, to pin thief to donut thief….

Mini-group on the other hand was quite successful for me.  I was able to get the center diamonds drawn on the fabric.  So far its 5 diamonds long and will be 5 diamonds wide…I may go 7 long but I’ll have to wait and see how it looks like with the 5 completely drafted in.  There are 4 60 degree diamonds radiating out from the center and the plan is to have diamonds further out on the piece in between the first set.  I just need to finish drafting the first set and see where this will land.  I will once again use all Superior Threads for the project, the diamonds will be MasterPiece or SoFine, now that I’ve become more comfortable using it and the rest of the quilt will be King Tut.  I need to decide on colors and I know that I want these to be brighter across the board.

I do have one picture from yesterday however it’s still on my camera.  Giovanna has a stained glass quilt that is just stunning.

Have a quilty day!


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