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quilt scene counter 2Nancy from the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck called this afternoon letting me know that “Quilt Scene” arrived today.  When I told my sweetie we had to take the trip there to pick up a copy.

*Edit* a friend pointed out that I forgot to mention that I wrote an article on machine quilting tips for this magazine.  The New York Beauty pictured is a quilt that I made a few years ago titled, “When Alex & Jinny met in NY Beauty Happened” and won a 2nd place ribbon at Maine Quilts in 2008!

There are so many great people in this article from Terry Howard Grant, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Melanie Testa, to all of the award winning quilts from Quilt Festival.

Pokey Bolton and the entire staff from Quilting Arts have made this entire process fun and exciting and smooth and just amazing!

quilt scene me 3

It is so difficult to share with you how excited I am to share quilting tips though Quilt Scene.  Quilting is something I love and am passionate about.  article open to page

The quilt in the article is “When Alex & Jinny met in NY Beauty Happened”

There is so much quilting in this quilt as I considered it a practice piece and tried a lot of different quilting techniques.  One of the NY Beauty blocks is all thread work.  quilt scene me 4

I’m so glad my sweetie offered to take me to Mamaroneck!  Thanks.

I just realized that there aren’t any quilts that I’ve quilted for the shop in these pics.

I have a couple of links to add Kate Perri & Ellen Highsmith Silver.  Kate wrote for Singer and is a quilt artist and Ellen wrote the book on Floorquilts.  (Ellen took a couple of these pics for me, thanks!)

So yesterday at mini-group Giovanna showed us her stained glass quilt.  It’s a beauty. giovannas stained glass The quilt is based on a cathedral here in NY and designed by Giovanna, a graphic designer by nature and training and her quilts reflect that.  I love that I get to share in her quilt making.

Happy Quilting!


PS thank you all so much for sharing in this quilting journey with me…I can’t quite share how happy I am that you share this blog with me

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  1. Hi Teri,
    I was in Quilt Cottage yesterday and saw the article. Congrats on your successes. Help..I need help. My old Singer that I brought to your machine quilt class in Mamaroneck may have seen its last days. You mentioned that you could suggest affordable models. I have no need for a fancy embroidery machine (I do that by hand) but I have definately caught the machine quilting bug. In addition to quilting I enjoy making Halloween costumes and light home products. Is there a benefit or drawback to sticking with a mechanical vs computerized machine? Do you know anything about the Singer CG590? Is it time for me to move on to another model? Please help! Happy Quilting!!

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