Play piece

Earlier today I was working on a quilt that should be done.  I got 90% there and realized I have to frog the whole thing.  I’m annoyed to say the least!

So I decided a little down time was in order.  Linda M Poole always has a color fix on her posts.  I love this particular part of the post because they always send my mind reeling off to how I could make that happen on fabric.  I have a tendency to want to translate images literally however this afternoon I just went for it and here’s the result from the front.



And from the back.  I used several different colors of rayon embroidery thread, Aurifil, and Superior Cotton 50 wt. and Polyester 60 weight.

Standing behind this piece is my 14 x 14 square ruler.

One good thing about having the ruler behind this is that you can see how small I was working.  For some reason lately I really like doing teeny, tiny stitches.

tiny feathers, tiny pebbles tiny swirling feathers…when will the madness ever end?  Oh yeah…when the piece is complete and I can go back to what I was doing.


There are a couple of blank spots that need to be filled in with some kind of filler…that will happen in a few days.  Now I can focus on the major deadlines I have.

Happy Quilting!


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