Kaleidoscope Creation, stitch plate & quilt

This afternoon I visited Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero’s website Kaleidoscope Collections and noticed that Favorite Projects Volume 2 is out.  See the quilt just under the number “2”?  That’s the quilt Jeanie sent to me to quilt in time for Houston.  Thanks Jeanie!

The last couple of days in between quilting the forest (more on that in a bit) I’ve been doing some pattern testing for Benartex.  I really enjoy this technical editing. I get to play with fabric and quilt.  Doesn’t get much better than that I tell ya.

By way of an explanation of this picture.  This is the forest quilt…the one where each tree is being quilted one at a time.  I’m one pass beyond the halfway point.  In the background see the pine cone fabric?  That’s the very same fabric that is in the foreground just in front of the cream fabric.  That’s about 120″ inches of quilt shoved in there.  Yep I was having such a good time I kept going and going and going and then the bobbin ran out.  I’ve used 8 bobbins on this quilt already.

See how I’m holding my left hand here?  Well, if you can imagine, that’s how I also hold my right hand when I’m quilting.  It’s hard to take a picture of hand position when you’re trying to hold the camera.  I’m going to have to get my dh to do that for me one of these days.

A few weeks ago I purchased a straight stitch needle plate for my machine.  The original intended use was for quilting and I love it for quilting!  Oh my goodness every time I get a “should have for quilting” gadget I wonder why I waited soooooo long!  This is one of those time.  Not only am I loving it for quilting, it makes piecing, particularly biased angles, so much easier.  I don’t have to worry that the fabric is going to head down into the bobbin area.  This is one more must have for quilters.  I you don’t have this for your machine, run, don’t walk to your nearest dealer and get one!

Here I’m finishing a hst unit…Love it.

Happy Quilting!


PS – Jeanne Cook-Delpit Director of National Events for Bernina posted a blog to the Bernina blog she has some great projects and lists some of the great quilters & artists who will be appearing on Quilting Arts TV in the 500 series.  It’s thanks to Jeanne that I can now use and teach the BSR!  Thanks Jeanne!

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  1. I have one of these plates on my Juki, I’m going to have tocheck to see if I have one for my Bernina too now, Doh! I never made the connection! I quilt with the J all the time and stitch on the B, Thanks Teri! :o)

  2. Holy Moly kiddo!!!! It’s the black and white pic and I am loving what you are doing from that inspiration. I bet this will be fun to fill in the spaces!!!!! Okay….what is “frogging”????

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