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Every now & again when I’m quilting I just need to set the work aside and try something new for an hour or two, then go back to work.  MasterPiece Cotton on Silk

My first quilt that incorporated silk was “Dad Would be Honored”.  Since then I’ve wanted to to just play with silk.  I love the texture and feel.  For now I’m trying out what I have on hand.

I cut about a half yard piece, pressed it, added Quilters Dream Request Loft Batting.  I used 505 spray to adhere the layers together so that I wouldn’t be pinning or needing to deal with thread basting.  I’m so glad that Jennifer showed me how to use spray adhesive…Renee tried a couple of times…you know how it goes.

I’m using Superior MasterPiece on top with an 80/12 needle  I’m thinking I’d like to use a smaller needle because the piece glistens when I hold it up to the light and it’s not intentional.  I’m using So Fine in the bobbin.

The thought as I quilted was adding layers around the center just to see what happens.

I wanted do add feathers.  I do like to work on a small scale.  After a while my eyes do get a little buggy and when they do I stop for a little bit to refocus on something else.

So feathers, feathers and more feathers found their way onto this piece.  One great reason for the MasterPiece thread is it’s fine weight allow backtracking without a whole lot of bulky thread build up.

Well, my next class title could actually be “Short Attention Span Quilting” because I changed color on the next two layers of quilting.  The whole perimeter was outlined in a pale green, then a darker green for the curlicues.

I’m still working on the green curlicues and will post an update when I have a chance to spend some more time with this piece.  So far it’s been a blast.

My iron a Rowenta Advancer has great heat – 1800 watts of power!  Talk about hot!  Thankfully it has a silk setting and I pressed the silk without scorching it.  I’m wondering…if anyone knows please leave a comment…if when I’m finished with this piece will I be able to steam the silk, perhaps through a towel?

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Silk”

  1. Gorgeous! You’re so inspiring…you’re making me want to spend more time machine quilting myself! I would definitely need to practice and start small!

    Thanks for sharing your work! Love the silk!

  2. Wow Teri! This is stuning! I love the addition of the green! very vibrant on the silk. Unfortunatley I can’t help you with the pressing question.

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