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i can’t believe I’m going to say this…

I posted this the other day on facebook and want to share with you that

When the opportunity presents itself for me to get a new sewing machine I want one BSR capable.  Truly I want the Bernina 820.

First – the space from needle to right side is huge 12″
Second – the bobbin holds a larger quantity of thread
Third – it’s BSR capable
Fourth – the sewing area is huge!
Okay that was First however, I’ll elaborate.
When I share some photos of the work that I do a lot of people think I quilt on a long arm.  Any part of a quilt that I do from piecing to machine quilting is on a domestic, the Bernina 1080.  As posted previously the 1080 is a simple machine and we do good work together and quite frankly I’d keep both 1080’s I have  – one for piecing and one as a back up machine.

I’ve given serious consideration to APQS – George, which is basically a long arm on a sewing table & has 40+” of space from needle position to the right.  Mary Anne has George and while quite nice, he take up a lot of space, at this point in time I don’t have room for George.  *if you’re in the area and would like to demo George contact Mary Anne & make an appointment* I do have room for the 820.

Second, after Jeanne Cook-Delpit gave a less than 5 minute tutorial on the different modes while preparing to tape the Quilting Arts TV segment I was able to give a brief demo on camera.   I’ve taken what I’ve learned and shared that with my quilting students with great success.  One of my students has let me come play with her 440 with the BSR and in Mode 2 I was able to get into that quilting rhythm that I love so much and the BSR allowed me to pick up the pace.
If you’ve taken a class with me you know I give little back rubs to help keep your shoulders down and relaxed, I issue speeding violations for quilting too fast and sometimes bring dark chocolate peanut m&m’s.

For me having a BSR isn’t about a consistent quilting stitch.  Nope, I’ve got that.  Having a BSR would allow me to work more quickly, particularly on customer quilts where time is an issue.
Coming in a day or two I took a trip to the Benartex offices and have a few pictures.
Happy quilting!

7 thoughts on “i can’t believe I’m going to say this…”

    1. Bernina Stitch Regulator. No matter how fast you’re moving across the surface of a quilt, the stitches will all stay the same size.

  1. You will need more space for this sewing machine because it doesnt fit in a standard sewing machine cabinet. But my friends who have it, love it.

  2. So you’ve converted! When we met this summer you said you didn’t care for the BSR. But I guess it’s true, in quilting never say never!

    Considering how awesome your work already is, if the extra space an 820 provides will allow you to do even more of it, we will all benefit. Hope Santa or the New Year’s baby brings your dream!

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