Inspiration part 3

Thread inspires me. I love thread.  I love the color, texture and possibility thread offers as part of the quilting process.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of Superior Threads.  King Tut and Masterpiece have been main stays in my thread stash for a loonnnng time.

Masterpiece is incredible for piecing as it sinks in, not taking up any space in the seam allowance.  Love this thread.

Bottom Line & So Fine have been added to the list as I’ve experimented and developed an understanding of thread, needles, how to adjust tension on the machine and tried a variety of quilt batting.

I’ve been using Sulky Blendables for a while now and have really grown to appreciate the variety of color and the heavier weight can be quite delightful in the overall look of the quilting.  Anne & I used Sulky as part of the Hoffman Challenge Quilt we made together. We used all solid colors for the quilting and chose a maroon/purple in the swirling feather area that reads as brown on the green background.  This was a fun quilt to make.

I’ve wanted to do some work with silk thread over the last few years.  Gutterman makes some silk that is a delight to quilt with.  Remembering to purchase 75/11 needles for use with the silk took a couple of days.

Kate & I decided on YLI silk for her Silk Pickle (NY Beauty).  It turned out quite well.

When Linda M Poole posts the color fixes to her blog my mind immediately wanders to what thread to use…cotton, poly, silk…wool Aurifil makes a wool thread that I’m ready to try! *just need the correct size needles for this*

King Tut has a great series of thread that are tone-on-tone and quite subtle.  When visiting a quilt shop in ME a few weeks ago I picked up more of this thread to add to my stash.  The subtlety of color adds richness and depth to a piece without adding a lot of extra color to a piece.   With the “Twilight in the Bronx” series this is essential.

Knowing a bit about tension, remember to loosen, can make trying new thread a whole lot easier.

When you find a combination of thread, needle & tension that works well, write it down.

Remember that batting can play a role in how thread is behaving.

Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “Inspiration part 3”

  1. Teri, I love King Tut on the longarm, it’s such a great thread. When I visited the APQS booth at the Houston show in Nov. I chatted with Karen McTavish and she likes Bottom Line so I’ve bought some of that. I love your thread post, lots of good info.

  2. Yes, you can’t be afraid to play with your tension if you are going to be using all kinds of threads. I also like the Rainbow threads from Superior to machine quilt.

  3. I love the Superior Rainbow threads, but unfortunately I have not found the right combination on my 830 to make it work as smooth as it did on my old Viking Lilly. I love Masterpiece to piece with and am just starting to play with Sew Fine for dense quilting where you don’t want it to jump off of the quilt. I like the Sulky blendables as well, but the key is finding the right colors in the right weight. Oh well, another reason to visit more quilt shops!

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