I heard something the other day.
And when I heard it I had to stop.

So in order to listen, a bit more completely, I need to tell a story.

I started quilting over 22 years ago. As I started this journey much of the work was to learn to listen and learn. That listening had to be, must be active listening. Listening to, listening for the rules, to learn how to quilt. I needed, wanted, craved knowledge. I subscribed to magazines, I watched Simply Quilts, participated in message boards, and user groups, joined a guild, visited quilt shops. Taking notes along the way for that which spoke to me, whispered, capturing my attention.

044In and among that learning are friends, who quilt, create art, create art quilts and have vivid imaginations. They are bloggers, facebook friends, vendors, editors, other teachers. Listening. Gleaning. Sharing. Each person contributing to and informing my quilting. One teacher’s words are repeated over and over and over again…more on that later. And then one day I “met” then met Linda M. Poole and happened upon her color fixes. And the whispering started.

Teaching started. Trying new things. Experimenting. Trying thread and batting. Listening. Trying new guilds. New magazines. New

Voices. Some voices waxing, others waning and still the whispering is asking me to listen. Seeking my attention but waiting to be heard and yet, the new, different teachers, via all of the different social media vied for my attention. Through all of this the whispering continued.

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The whispering is my own voice. I sift through the other voices to hear my own. It is in tuning out the other voices, perhaps incorporating the wisdom that I can hear my own voice. That my own voice becomes clearer and stronger. As my own voice becomes clearer and stronger my quilting gets better. Mmmm as my quilting gets better my own voice becomes clearer and stronger. And I hear that I am the voice other people hear. And I need to be that voice, a source of encouragement. I’m not paying back or paying forward; giving what was given to me. I’m doing what comes naturally to me.IMG_1041

There will always be noise. It’s just part of life. I am the noise for other quilters. Some to whom I add beauty, some to whom I have not added beauty. The rose above and the sunset speak to how beauty happens. How the noise affects…it creates depth, depth creates beauty.

B 780 back inside of projectEventually the noise settles down and beauty happens. Something is created, new things are learned, new motifs, and yada, yada, yada. (Get it? Yada, oh never mind.)

I’m off to reduce the level of noise a bit, by sitting in front of my sewing machine, cranking up the tunes and stitching.

Happy Quilting!


PS I’m teaching at HMQS this year.

PPS I met Annie Smith but more on that in another blog. Like soon.


Lisa Calle OCQ eventI’m not usually at a loss for words related to quilting for this blog. I’m not really at a loss at the moment it’s just that the quilting world as it is in my life at this moment is refocusing and I’m slowly wending my way around the quilting world as it is for me right now. I’m starting week two with Missouri Star, which I’m loving. With new work, full-time, everything changes, including the rhythm of the quilting routine.

So the other night I posed the question on facebook, “who are the quilterati in your life?” Quilterati is a play on the word, literati, with the meaning of “well educated”, “literate”, “in the know”. Then, as the play continues, there is glitterati with a meaning of “famous, wealthy, and attractive”. I,  personally, was going for a combination of the two meaning who are the important quilt people in your life. The first time I posed the question several people said me. I thank them so very much because that means a lot.

jake laughs againPosing the question the second time yielded a richer and deeper conversation that leads me to this post. Many of the names I knew:

Kim Brunner, Jamie Wallen, Karlee Porter, Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims, Sue McCarty, Janet Stone, Jackie Kunkle, Marilyn Badger, Karen McTavish, Linda V. Taylor, Lizzy House, Linda M. Poole, Maddie Kertay, Joe Cunningham, Ruth McDowell, Mickey DePre, Jim Salinas, Shelia Frampton-Cooper, Jake Finch, Melissa Thompson Maher, Mary Ellen Hopkins, Gwen Marston, Doreen Speckmann, Linda Hahn, Marianne Burr, Pokey Bolton, Dee Fox Cornell, Pamela Allen, Sue Brenner, Judi Madsen, Claudia Pfeil, Claudia Myers, Lisa H Calle, Mary Wilson Kerr, Ruth Powers, Cheryl Sleboda, Lynn Krawczyk, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Sherry Reynolds, Stephanie Forsythe, Luke Haynes, Melanie Testa, Lisa Sipes, Alex Veronelli, Bob Purcell, Debby Brown, Barb Persing, John Kubinec, Joe Callaham, Holice Turnbow, Bruce Magidson, Diane Magidson, Hollis Chatelaine, Paula Reid, Paula Nadelstern, Judy Niemeyer, Kristin Girod Rodriquez, Lesley Riley, Frances Holiday Alford, Jean Ray Luray, Pat Barry, Angela Walters, Margaret Solomon Gunn, Judy Coates Perez, Tula Pink, Amy Butler, David Butler, Bonnie Browning, Pepper Cory, Diane Gaudynski, Sue Nichols, Pat Holly, Phillip Jacobs, Kaffe Fasset, Renee Brown Haddadin, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Laurie Tigner, Mandy Leins, Marybeth Krapil, Brenda Groelz, Jane Dunnewold, Shannon Hicks, Sarah Ann Smith, Karen K Stone, Myrna Ficken, Patrick Lose, Brandy Lee, Jessica Darling, Jo Leichte, Jeanne Cook Delpit, Gayle Schleimann, Bill Volkening, Roderick Kiracofe, Kim Niedzwicki, Michael Dunn, Karen Cunagin, Bert Klimas, Renee Fleuranges-Valdes, Mary Anne Ciccotelli, Anne Frascarelli, Donna Chambers, Sandra Parrott, Barbara Brackman, Pat Campbell, Tracy Mooney, Jamie Mueller, Denise DeSantis, Melissa Kanovsky, Scott Hansen, Bev Mabry, Susan Schrott, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Nancy Rosenberger, Sally Bramald, Jane Monk, Kela Weathers, Chana Charles, Rob Appell, Jenny Doan, Donna Thomas, Christa Watson, my sweetie. . . .

Debby HandiQuilter Teri BERNINAOkay so this list…it’s just a beginning. I’m not even sure I grabbed all the names listed on the fb post. Part of the point is to take a moment and recognize the people in our life who have influenced our quilting world in some way.

One of the things I see is the breadth of the quilting world right there spanning the quilting world, it’s inclusive of all types of quilting, and those in the “business” of quilting from fabric designers to editors and the “behind the scenes” people. This list includes people who aren’t in the business directly but still support and encourage.

And who are the quilterati in your life?

I’m off to work here shortly, have a great! quilterly day.




Coming up

Coming up over the next few weeks I have interviews with lined up 4 quilters with a few more down the line.  These quilters include: Linda M. Poole, Mickey DePre and several others.  This weeks will be very fun as this quilter is doing a big reveal later this week.

I’ll be updating my class schedule.  For my local peeps there is a class scheduled at Hartsdale Fabrics Friday March 23rd from 10 – 4.  I’m actively working on several applications to teach in 2013 and will let you know as soon as acceptances come in.

I’m getting more and more excited about teaching with MQX in April.  There’s still plenty of time to sign up for classes. Here’s a direct link to the Beginner Freemotion Class; Let Your Foot Loose Be Fancy Free; And now What?!.  Hope to see you there.

As I gain more stamina and can get into the studio I’ll post pictures of quilts I’m working on.  At this point about 20 minutes is about all I can do.  It’s slightly frustrating cause I have quilts calling me to quilt and some designs & other work I want to get done.  This has also reminded me how much we rely on our core muscles throughout the whole quilting process.

PS – I should be at the NJ Quilt show next Sunday.  Hope to see you there!

Happy Quilting!




As you know I participated in the Sketchbook Project with the Art House Coop in Brooklyn.  I loved the process of sketching, of thinking through the process of how to get the images in my head onto paper and hopefully later onto fabric.  I see the sketching/doodling process as a way to train my brain and hands to do what I want them to do when I get to the machine.  I love this process so much that sketching/doodling is part of  my lecture:  “And Now What?!”

I’ve been watching how other quilters sketch and the impact it has with their quilting process.  It’s amazing.  A lot of quilters have started doing Zentangles.  After the sketchbook project I wanted to keep up the sketching exercise.  So here’s the first of what will be an ongoing project of working through the process of filling the space.

Linda M. Poole used this kind of exercise as she created her fabric line “Seahorses” .  I can see how useful this process would be in designing quilts, fabric, and keeping the mind sharp.


I also get inspiration from fabrics.  We’ve been getting new batiks in the shop where I work/teach that jog the mind toward fun, effective quilting patterns.  Like this red purple on the right.


And these:




By sketching or doodling I can figure out the path for stitching these out and incorporate them into a quilt.


In my Hobbit Hole aka studio

I’m on a deadline to get “Moon Over Manhattan” complete and the paperwork off to Quilt National.  This quilt is still quite vocal and I’m enjoying the process of quilting.  There are colors on the quilt that I never intended however they work and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well they work.

Sometime next week I’ll have a quilt on either the Rit Dye blog or the Rit Dye site.  As soon as it’s posted I’ll link over to it.  As it happens one of the teachers I know works with/for Rit Dye and I’m working with her on a series of projects.

Linda M Poole is having a contest with one of her new fabric lines.  The details are on her blog.

Linda’s fabric line is quite charming and if you need any we have some of it at Hartsdale in the quilt shop.  I’ve also designed a quilt with this that I’m hoping to get published.  If time permits over the next couple of weeks I’ll submit a quilt too.  There’s still plenty of time to enter the contest.  The quilt does not need to be quilted to be submitted, just a photo of a pieced quilt top with Linda’s fabric line.

Have a quilty day!


Maine Quilts Part 2

As I perused pics from the show I realized I didn’t take a whole lot.  Not because the quilts weren’t striking or that I didn’t find them appealing, the shutter bug in me was dozing off…I was just enjoying the beauty of the quilts.

When I walked by this quilt I had to take a photo, I love the undulating color.  I love paper piecing and sometimes wish I had time to do more.  This quilt, I would make.  With so many quilters doing hand dyes it wouldn’t take too long to gather the fabric needed.  It’s going on a someday list.

The other exhibit I enjoyed is Mary Kerrs Vintage Revisited.  This exhibit brings old and new together in a unique way taking each quilter on a journey with some surprising results.  If you have a chance to see this exhibit do!  The link today is right to their schedule and for the NY area quilters – the exhibit will be in Pine Bush in September.

Giovanna and I stopped at Strawberry Banke on the way home.  This was a lively town until sometime in the mid 60’s and has been well preserved.  The folks in charge were able to recreate the local corner store with some accuracy as some of the family members are still around and the stock boy lives not far from the village.  When putting the store back together he came over and stocked the shelves.  Things were where they belong on the shelves.

From the pasta to the Spam its all right there to look at.  Someone in the family still had records the owners kept until they closed the shop.

As we looked around the shop and older couple came in and said aloud that this is just how shops looked when they were kids during World War II.  I can just imagine the memories that brought back for him!

Even the cut-rite wax paper and Mortons Salt sit on a shelf.

There will be another Maine Quilts post, but that’s for another day.

Just a reminder Linda Poole is hosting a challenge on her blog.  Go over and have a look.  I have some of this delightful fabric, if it works out…I’ll be entering.

If you’re in the area, Hartsdale Fabrics has the panel and the border and a few of the coordinating pieces.

Happy quilting!


Maine Quilts part 1

Visiting vendors at a quilt show is delightful.  The different fabrics and tools they have available are different than those lqs’s near home.  It’s also an opportunity to support other local quilt shops or businesses.

Hand dyed fabric attracts my attention.  When I saw the Rainbow Dyes booth I knew something would go into the bag!  This group of fat quarters made my heart go pitter pat!  I have two projects in mind for this group.

As I love hand dyes and have wanted to purchase some of these for a very long time I picked up some Cherrywood gradated pieces.  These will be part of two projects the first will incorporate some of the Rainbow dyes and the second will be part of a change in how I’m approaching teaching machine quilting.

Yep, you read that right.  I’m changing the approach for teaching advanced machine quilting (Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free).  This is part of the growing and learning process on my part.  The techniques will remain the same however what the student ends up with at the end will be slightly different.

Sunday I took a class with Mary Kerr.  I’ve met Mary on Facebook and she’s the president of Quilt Professionals Network.  Through the last few years I’ve heard great things about her from Mary Anne Ciccotelli and thought taking Mary’s class on Business would be a great idea.  Oh yes it was.  I brought my laptop with me to take notes, I figured it would be easier than trying to either remember everything or read anything slightly cryptic later on.  Two big things came from the class 1) I’m going to quilt a quilt for Mary and 2) I’m going to do my very best to enter Houston next year.

More on Mary’s quilt.  We were talking at the end of class and she had a quilt with her that needs to be quilted for her next book.  I offered, she accepted.  After our conversation I ran to the main quilting room to the Quilt Essentials booth because I knew they had Aurifil Thread and I needed it for this project.  And they did.  We matched thread quickly as the show was ending and I needed to leave the room as take down was in process.

Houston. When I started on this machine quilting journey the thought of entering Houston was a 5 year goal.  I’m beyond the 5 years however I’ve given into thinking, “I’m not good enough for Houston” while friends and other teachers are telling me otherwise.  I have a quilt in mind that will be the third in the “Twilight in the Bronx” series and I want to use Superior silk. I don’t have any clue beyond that.  In the mean time I have several customer quilts and a few other projects to work on.

Finally for today Linda M Poole is having a contest

some of the fabrics for her contest are available at Hartsdale Fabrics – where I work part time.  I know we have the panel and the border print.  Come in and see me Monday (morning) Tuesday all day and Thursday afternoon/evening and I’ll cut some fabrics for you.

Happy quilting!