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“Moon Over Manhattan” & Quilt Fest NJ

Last week we had an incredible full moon that just hung so low in the sky.  From my office window – house faces south – the moon seemed to just hover over Manhattan. For some reason the image stayed with me for days and now I can recall it with that comforting…calming feeling of some really good comfort food.  While my home faces south between the buildings and trees I can’t quite see Manhattan, I just know it’s there.

Ellen Highsmith Silver works at the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck and is so very encouraging with where my quilting is going.  A few weeks ago Ellen suggested that the “Twilight in the Bronx” series that I’ve been mulling include all of the boroughs of NYC.  I started processing this thought and two days after seeing the moon hanging so low over the City “Moon Over Manhattan” and the idea for the quilt came together in my head.

Right now I have some quite solidly formed ideas about the quilt and where I see it going however I know my quilts well enough to know that what I see now will change and I’ll have to go with it in order for this to work.  I’m excited, really excited.

I’ve also decided that – at least for now – “Moon Over Manhattan” will not receive exposure on my blog.  I’m thinking/hoping that this will be the quilt I enter into Houston & want to wait to reveal the process.  Not to worry I will document what I’m doing for a later date.

I will share this much for now…

The background will be chartreuse.  I’m using light gray or off white for the moon by Superior Threads and am currently thinking bright bold color for the star.  I’ll see what happens as this quilt comes together.

Quilt Fest NJ

I’ve come to the incredible conclusion that Sunday is the best day to go to to quilt shows…doesn’t matter which one…just a better day as the crowds are much lighter.
The quilts were great…although oddly enough my camera stayed in my bag except to show pictures to someone. While that seems strange there is an explanation.  I’m getting ready to go to the Lancaster Show in a couple of weeks.  I’d been reading both the AQS & the Quilt Fest sites checking out who will be there and what will be going on…and one of them lists that pictures can only be taken for personal use and not blogged about (there is a bit more but this is the part that pertains directly to me) so the camera ends up staying in the bag.  Poor camera.

I did have a lot of fun chatting with the couple who runs the Superior Threads booth.  They are just amazing people and I’m looking forward to seeing them in Lancaster in a few weeks.

I really enjoyed the LizzieB Cre8tive booth!  They’ll be in Lancaster in a few weeks so head on over to Tuscadelphia – Liz & Beth Hawkins create their delightful quilts!  Sunday is a lighter day at the show so they had some time to chat they are as delightful as their quilts!  On their facebook fan page they declare Sunday “Husband/spouse” day…oh my goodness the comments from the husbands were priceless!

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  1. i saw that moon over Manhattan…;-) I love seeing the moon here in NYC.., seems I rarely do! Can’t wait to see what becomes that chartreuse!

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