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Blogs I read part 2 & thread storage

Exuberant Color – the patchwork & color are quite exciting!

365 Days of Free Motion Quilt Filler Designs – great resource for quilting motifs!  She’s also going through the design process with a quilt and it’s just incredible.

Melanie Testa – such a creative quilter!  Love her work.  Melanie journals every day and will work and rework something until she’s satisfied with the end result.

Laura Wasilowski – I’ve loved her work for a very long time.  One day I will get my hot little hands on some of her hand dyed fabric and have a quilt fest in my studio with wool or bamboo batting and King Tut or…no…wait…MasterPiece thread.  Yeah thats it.

I got my bib…wiped the drool and now back to more blogs I read.

Feather on a Wire – I love Sally Bramalds feathers they’re fun and complicated and quite intriguing!

Pam Kitty Morning – Shes a quilter, quite humorous and a celebrity stunt sewer!

After a hectic week I finally feel like I’m catching up with the quilting on my schedule.  That has been quite challenging being so far behind after being sick in January.  I have a few new classes scheduled and will post them shortly.  I need to add them to my calendar first.

A couple of weeks ago my sweet dh was in the City for work and saw this 120 spool thread rack.  Went into the shop and brought one home for me.  How cool is that?!  Just brings it home.

The other day I took a moment to start filling it up.  It was slightly startling to find out that I actually have more thread than this will hold!  When one of us gets into the City again another one of these babies will be coming home with me.  Eventually I will have him figure out a way to mount them on the wall for me.  I just need to figure out how to change the room around a bit to hold one more table for either the other sewing machine or the mat & rotary cutter.

I just picked up some Brytes by Superior threads that I will have to work in there.  The Aurifil stash is sorely lacking…I will correct that one day.  It’s amazing how changing the storage system can free up so much space & tidy things up.  I love thread so this is great and being able to see what I have and what is needed is incredible!

Happy quilting!


7 thoughts on “Blogs I read part 2 & thread storage”

  1. Now all of that thread on the rack is definately ‘eye candy.’ Thank you for all of the wonderful links!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Your header mage is to dye for! Yum. Not to mention the thread rack! I have a Metro north ticket you could use to come into the city! I mean if you need an excuse.
    Nice work here Teri.

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