We ate at Emma’s Ale House

This week!  Oh my goodness the food rocks.  Emma’s is located at 68 Gedney Way in White Plains just off Mamaroneck Ave.

Elizabeth and I had their mac & cheese, Renee got the home made chips with Maytag blue cheese and truffle oil.  Oh my goodness.  YUMMY does not begin to adequately describe these.  As I wanted to taste a variety of burgers I tried their sliders, had the filet with blue cheese and caramelized onions, pulled pork, & Turkey Burger with Cranberry chutney.

Their fries are made on premises and are quite yummy.  I had a great beer that paired well with my food.  I like dark rich, stout like beer and this worked well.

We enjoyed celebrating Renee’s birthday, shared some great laughs and decided to try and do this once a month.  I can’t wait.

Being quilters, part of the conversation was about


the culmination of the conversation for me is that I’m taking a huge leap of faith and going to try and enter Quilt National in the fall.  I can’t publish my progress of “Moon Over Manhattan” photos on the blog.  So, for now, this project will remain near and dear to me and one of the mini-groups.

As I started quilting  yesterday I think this quilt is going to surprise me with a little bit of sassyness.  This quilt isn’t quite as talkative as some others I’ve worked on however it’s clear about where it’s going.  I’m going to have to order more thread – I thought I’d be able to work with different colors top and bobbin…not so much.

I’ll be posting an update on the Radiance series shortly.  I was able to work on it a bit yesterday before working on “Moon Over Manhattan” and am quite please with how the stitching is coming along.  I’ll have pics in a day or two – including a couple from the restaurant!

New blog to follow: Mojo Quilt Designs.

Happy Quilting!


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