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Journaling with Natalya Aikens

I had the privilege of meeting and spending some time with art quilter Natalya Aikens last summer when we were at the taping of series 500 of Quilting Arts TV.  Natalya taped episode 509 with Pokey Bolton and taped a workshop called “texture transformation“.

Natalya posted last week that she was a teensy bit scared to come and talk with us.  Can’t say as I’m surprised – I know that even as much time as I’ve spent in front of people talking about a wide variety of subjects opening up on a personal level of art and quilting kinda gives me the whole sensation of butterflies too.

Natalya shared about the art journaling she’s done over the last several years.  I can tell you this…I left with some ideas swimming around my head.  She made it seem simple and fun and well worth the effort to “feed the creative muse” regularly to keep the art flowing.  I took notes.  Natalya confirmed what a few other quilters have been telling me and I’m trusting that I need to go for it.  I have size limits in mind and I have a photo from a facebook friend that will be the basis for the first piece.

If you have a chance and can work it out with Natalya have her come and visit and share her “journaling” journey with you.

Happy Quilting!


coming soon –  a photo of some incredible mac & cheese and my blooming Mountain Laurel…

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