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Advanced machine quilting

Wednesday afternoons in July join me at the quilt cottage

414 Mamaroneck  Ave. Mamaroneck NY for

Advanced Machine Quilting – update we have 4 students…room for 4 more.  Come and join us!

(Let your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free).

The class limit is 8 so sign up soon and join this class based on “Twilight in the Bronx”.

We’ll cover a variety of quilting motifs including micro stippling, feathers – including the swirling feathers seen here, curves and more!

Hope to see you there!

Happy quilting!


As an aside, I’m going to take up knitting.  I spent the afternoon having lunch with Melly and Elizabeth at Martinis and Chocolate in Eastchester then went over to Sticks and Strings in Scarsdale.  The feel of the yarn in my hands made me realize I need something to do with my hands.  I miss that feel of handwork.  I loved hand quilting while I did that and realized I have no desire to take that up again so knitting seems like a good alternative.  I can hardly wait to get started!

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  1. I miss hand quilting also. I bought some yarn and knitting needles this weekend – haven’t done it in years – so far I’m enjoying it!

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