Advanced machine quilting

Wednesday afternoons in July join me at the quilt cottage

414 Mamaroneck  Ave. Mamaroneck NY for

Advanced Machine Quilting – update we have 4 students…room for 4 more.  Come and join us!

(Let your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free).

The class limit is 8 so sign up soon and join this class based on “Twilight in the Bronx”.

We’ll cover a variety of quilting motifs including micro stippling, feathers – including the swirling feathers seen here, curves and more!

Hope to see you there!

Happy quilting!


As an aside, I’m going to take up knitting.  I spent the afternoon having lunch with Melly and Elizabeth at Martinis and Chocolate in Eastchester then went over to Sticks and Strings in Scarsdale.  The feel of the yarn in my hands made me realize I need something to do with my hands.  I miss that feel of handwork.  I loved hand quilting while I did that and realized I have no desire to take that up again so knitting seems like a good alternative.  I can hardly wait to get started!

Advanced Machine Quilting

Wednesday afternoons in July join me at the quilt cottage

414 Mamaroneck  Ave. Mamaroneck NY for

Advanced Machine Quilting

(Let your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free).

The class limit is 8 so sign up soon and join this class based on “Twilight in the Bronx”.

We’ll cover a variety of quilting motifs including micro stippling, feathers, curves and more!

Hope to see you there!

Happy quilting!


Congratulations to

Mary Anne and Renee who both won ribbons at this years World of Quilts hosted by the Northern Star Quilters.  Your quilts rocked!  Donna also entered a quilt – the first quilt she made and got some great comments from the judges.  Donna is a goldsmith and jeweler…oh my goodness her pieces are beautiful.

Mary Anne has a new lecture that we were able to preview the other night at our Pelham Quilters meeting on “Fun Back” which includes the most recent fun back made for the Village Squares Quilters Raffle Quilt “Starry Night” (photo soon).  This is a great lecture and Mary Anne has a simple explanation of the technique.  She is soon going to be awarded a Golden Dragonfly…watch for that posting soon!

When I went through the show on Sunday I ended up missing two rows…the humidity in the gym was high (not complaining as it wasn’t their fault) and it was getting to me (who would believe that I lived in Georgia for a while!)

Kinda came back to bite me as one of my quilting students stopped me in the hall and asked me about her quilt.  YIPES.  After she picked it up we visited for a while pouring over all of the beautiful machine quilting work she did!  She’s ready for the Advanced Machine Quilting (aka Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free) at the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck.  As soon as I have this scheduled I’ll post it here.

In October I’ll have a class with the Pelham Quilters – date to be determined as we get a little closer- I’m going to teach Winding Ways or Wheel of Mystery that I’ve designed in EQ6 with Fossil Ferns by Benartex.  The goal is to have the quilt pieced and basic instructions ready in the next week or two.

Happy Quilting! Teri


Due to timing I’m going to have to be pictureless on this post. . .

I am quite delighted to learn that I’m featured on the EQ Blog!  Some of the quilts I’ve been playing with and dreaming about are featured on this blog.  Thank you folks so much!  I have a winding ways quilt made with Benartex Fossil Ferns that I will get to share with you as the weeks progress.

Over the last few days quilting has been a huge part of my waking moments…Ok – I dream of quilting not quite like Pokey Bolton’s dream.

I finished a commission and delivered it to the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck after the quilt guild meeting this afternoon.  I’m glad to have that one done, this gal patiently waited through January when I went to Maine for a funeral then came home and was sick.

While I was there Ellen and I were talking about Robert Kaufman’s Radiance line.  Really, I was gushing and Ellen was listening, patiently.  Just as we finish the conversation the rep from Kaufman calls and long story short I have a color card of this delightful fabric coming my way.   Thank YOU!!

This line is just delightful and I very much want to add more to my stash.

Sarah Vedeler asked me to quilt a quilt for her that needs to get out this week so she can bind it and send it off to where it’s going.  I am really enjoying quilting with the Aurifil thread she sent along with the quilt.

The chair of the raffle quilt committee for the Village Squares Quilters asked me to quilt the guild quilt I’d like to get this done next week as well.

Linda M. Poole visited Village Squares yesterday presenting a Quilted Journey Around the World.  Next month Linda will be coming back for a bended bias workshop Wednesday May 12th.   I brought my camera with me but did not get any pictures.  I’ll be @ the workshop for at least part of the day on the 12th.

A friend of mine plays piano and teaches and her sister sing here are two youtube video links well worth viewing:

Go Away From my Window

Steal Me, Sweet Thief

This friend is a quilter and quite a good one at that.  She and her sister have done a fab job working together.

More soon!

Happy Quilting!


UPDATED the music links.

Good Customer Service & thread rack

When I purchased EQ6 I told Arlene from Sparkling Suzy Studio that I would post to my blog about her good customer service.  I met Arlene on facebook – loving the networking among quilters! – and when I started talking about purchasing EQ6 Arlene told me that she carried it and after a few emails back & forth I purchased the software from Arlene.  She’s friendly – we chatted for about 40 minutes.  The software arrived within days and I’m quite happy!

Thank you so much Arlene!

As promised a couple of weeks ago I’m finally taking a picture of my full thread rack.  From the top count down 8 rows and that’s the Superior Thread stash that includes King Tut, MasterPiece, SoFine, Bottom Line and Brytes.

Next is the Aurifil which is quite limited and I need to build up that part of the stash.  I will have a few more spools this afternoon when I drop off a quilt @ the quilt cottage…if I’m lucky I’ll drop off two quilts…better get busy.

Next 3 rows are Sulky and one lone spool of Kinkame Silk and one spool of Presencia.

That’s not all of the thread I have as you can see it’s spilling over onto the table.

I’m leaving for Lancaster in the morning so won’t be blogging again until next week unless one detail gets finished on a project…which it should today.

Happy Quilting!


Inspiration part 2

I recently finished a quilt for Linda Poole.  Click HERE and scroll down just beyond where she lists her teaching schedule for AQS.

I had a blast quilting this for Linda.  At Linda’s site click on the photo for the enlarged view and take a peek at the all the words on the quilt.   The “story” starts near the center of the quilt 4th row down 4th block in with “the quiet calm of dawn” and wends it’s way around – sort of in a clock wise spiral to the 1st block of the 3rd row with ‘fresh fish for dinner on my plate’.  Some of the words are sideways & upside down in the picture…just the nature of quilting.  The fish that are quilted in the non fish fabric blocks were quilted from the back.  This was a fun quilt to quilt!

This picture is from one of the color fixes Linda posted a while back.  I saved it to my computer and one day hope to do something like this in thread.  I’m thinking no more than a 10 x 10 to 15 x 15 piece, black Kona cotton and Superior Brytes.  I’m thinking for this I’ll need to graph out the general details before I start stitching.

This project will be thread heavy by the time I’m done, but oh so much fun to do.

Thread is such an inspiration.  When I started quilting back in ’93 cotton meant for hand quilting was it and that was solid colors.  The thread on the market now is just as, if not more, inspiring with the wide variety of texture and color!  I’m also more confident branching out and using a wider variety of thread from fine cottons to silk.  Understanding how to adjust tension and learning that different threads need different needles has made such a huge difference.

I love going to quilt shows!  I’m looking forward to the AQS Show in Lancaster this spring!  Then there’s MQX in Providence, RI; NSQG in May and the Village Squares Quilters show November 13 & 14, 2010.  

This pineapple quilt is from one of the smaller guild show’s I’ve attended in the last couple of years.  I took a close up of the quilting on here because I liked how the quilter filled the space so effectively.

I like winding ways and would love to make one sometime soon (I see a class in this)  One thing that I really like about this pattern is the visual circles that pop out as a secondary pattern in the piecing.  I love the Storm at Sea block for this very reason.  With some planning this quilts are quite stunning whether 2 color quilts or multi color in this one.  The curved border on this quilt really caught my attention.  I like that the quilter went with something other than the straight edge.

I’m inspired by the speakers who come to our guild.  The ones I remember most (at the moment) are Susan Schrott, Eleanor Levie, Elin Waterston, Jane Davila, Lacey Hill, Bonnie McCaffrey, Meg Cox for many reasons including their enthusiasm & confidence in presenting and sharing their craft with us.  Every speaker has something to share with us that we can take to our quilting.

I’m inspired by the quilters in the guilds and mini groups that I’m privileged to be a member of…

many of these quilter have some amazing talent and they just love to quilt.

Renee, Mary Anne, Jeri are all quilters who are all willing to share their work more publicly.

Giovanna has given me permission to share this picture of her stained glass quilt.

I’m also inspired so much by my students.  Their energy & enthusiasm is quite catching.  My teaching schedule is here.

The Advanced Machine quilting class should be fun.

I’m also looking forward to teaching the cover girl quilt from this book.  As I’m putting this quilt together I’m realizing how right up my sleeve this quilt is!  It is all about being organized and having some fun with fabric.  I’d hoped to be further along with the piecing of the shop sample at this moment but being away for 5 days really put me behind!

I’m slowly catching up!

Happy quilting!


*I see on the blog itself a couple of pictures aren’t showing for some reason…click where the pics are and they will open up.


I’ve mentioned before that I love teaching.

Teaching offers so many opportunities for problem solving and being creative in finding an approach that will work with this particular student.  In a smaller student setting I can be as individual as possible and I wonder how this approach will work in a larger setting.  It will be interesting!

Earlier this year I had a student who is an artist in her own right.   Amazing jewelry work and works independently quite well.  Letting her take off in class and begin exploring the creative side of quilting was so fun to watch.  She’s come in from time to time and shared her work with me & asked me for some input.

A while back she brought in this piece that she was planning on entering into a show.

I strongly suggested that she add quite a bit more quilting.   She took my suggestion to heart and quilted…and won best in show…

This is thrilling….

but then there’s Sarah…new to quilting…listening to the machine reach a quiet medium hum, shoulders relaxed and intent concentration on the quilt in front of her.  A few moments later her excited, “I get it now!!”

A few minutes later I was at the machine demo’ing something and the chorus of: “relax your shoulders”, “I’m issuing you a speeding violation” came right back at me.  Mind you I had a short amount of time in which to demo so I was going faster than normal.

One of my long term goals has been to enter Houston or Paducah so when I teach I work on sharing good technique with the students as we quilt.  One student asked me if she needed to learn a particular thing since she never planned on entering shows.   Take the time to learn good technique now, so that as you improve with time you know the techniques.  I have take 1 very good machine quilting class at the Quilters Heritage Celebration a few years ago.  That’s it.  Learning good technique from the instructor changed how I quilt and opened a new level of quilting for me.  Even if I had no desire to enter the big shows this class made the biggest difference in how I quilt.  Having good friends who are quilters share their tips has been an invaluable source of information.

Another student shared with a friend of hers that the best part of the class is the shoulder rubs.  When the quilting begins…I do tell the students, keep your shoulders down and relaxed as I demo the first technique.  Easier said than done.  So as they quilt, I like to walk around and place my hands on their shoulders gently and remind say what’s up here will translate to the quilting stitches.  If they’re really uptight I will rub their shoulders to help them relax a little bit.  It’s amazing how this then translates into easier quilting.

Happy Quilting!