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Sketchbook Project

My sweetie and I went to Staples and I brought home these.  

Eventually I’ll be adding more of Prismacolor pencils to the collection but for now these will play nicely with the others I have.

I’ve been playing a little bit more with the cover and will continue to fill in some detail as the time goes on.  The theme I chose is “lines and grids” for a quilter this theme resonated with me quite strongly.

And then of course there are the swirling feathers of it all.  These just make my heart sing every time I start playing with them.

I like angled lines in quilts.

The challenge of drafting them (even though I now own EQ6) and piecing them is something I enjoy.

This curved grid is actually the first in the book.  I’d played with this in another journal I use for doodling quilt design.  I used the side of a piece of paper to get the straight lines then added the curved lines free hand.

This one is a little out of balance and almost what I intended.  I free handed all of the straight lines then started adding the warm and cool colors.  In the center its kind of clear I wanted them to go in different directions but once I got about half way out they melded strangely.

I wonder what this would look like as a quilt…Oh I see a play on one of Linda M. Pooles color fixes here.

Happy quilting!


3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project”

  1. Take care not to drop your Prismacolors. They are very soft and will break down the entire shaft. Great pencils at the cost of care.

  2. Boy, is Melly ever right! I like your theme and loved the site of the sketchbooks. I always have a problem of picking a theme, I’m a Gemini and focus is a problem. I love the books though. I thought about doodling in one if I got one.

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