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Quilt Festival (Houston) Class Question

As you know I'm a member of The Quilt Show and many of the quilters have come over to facebook (here's a link to my artist page) as well.  I love being friends with these quilters for so many reasons one in particular is that we get to share information and grow as quilters and… Continue reading Quilt Festival (Houston) Class Question

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Journal Beginnings

A couple of weeks ago I posted on facebook that I wanted to play with some lutradur. At that moment I had no idea what I would do with the lutradur, I just wanted to play.  A blank piece of paper is inviting and I have a variety of pens with which to fill the… Continue reading Journal Beginnings

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As you know I participated in the Sketchbook Project with the Art House Coop in Brooklyn.  I loved the process of sketching, of thinking through the process of how to get the images in my head onto paper and hopefully later onto fabric.  I see the sketching/doodling process as a way to train my brain… Continue reading Sketching

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Working on drafting a 5 pointed star for a quilt

One of the reasons why I picked up a compass & protractor set last summer is for this: I want to make a 5 pointed star for one of my quilts in the "Twilight in the Bronx".  Yesterday I figured it out.  I'd been doing the math incorrectly.  I'd been looking to make the center… Continue reading Working on drafting a 5 pointed star for a quilt

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New sketching

The Sketchbook Project allowed me to begin to enter into a new phase of something.  Doodling is one way of improving machine quilting technique as I mention in my article in the Feb/Mar issue of Quilting Arts.  I started doodling a long time ago in a quilterly way, however it wasn't until I really began… Continue reading New sketching

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Feelin’ Goofy

Before getting started on today's post I'm sharing this link to Ricky Tims Jingle Bells Vid.  Hil-ari-ous! In a quilterly moment of clarity whilst trying to stitch out one of Linda M. Poole's color fixes one day I realized that the quilting does not have to look exactly like the picture I'm stitching out.  My… Continue reading Feelin’ Goofy

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sketchbook project update

At the quilt show I took a photo of a woman's .   For some reason it looks so blurry right now.  The other day I had a chance in between classes to play with sketching a possible design inspired by the broach.  When I first saw the broach I was thinking that Superiors Silver… Continue reading sketchbook project update

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Sketchbook Project

My sweetie and I went to Staples and I brought home these.   Eventually I'll be adding more of Prismacolor pencils to the collection but for now these will play nicely with the others I have. I've been playing a little bit more with the cover and will continue to fill in some detail as… Continue reading Sketchbook Project