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Diane Gaudynski has quilted with it for years.

Appliquers love it.

I’ve quilted with it off and on.  I loved the look of it on Kate’s quilt. And now Superior Threads has their own silk thread.  I’ve been hounding Bob since the announcement sounding kinda like the kid in the back seat saying, “are we there yet” except it’s, “is it here yet, please is it here yet????”  It’s here!!!!!!!  Superior’s Silk thread is here and it’s coming to my house.  Soon, very soon.  I can’t wait to quilt with it and I have a project in mind.  Think whole cloth and the third in the “Twilight in the Bronx” series.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

And a note when looking at the  Superior website the have a printable sheet guiding thread choices for top and bobbin.  They recommend using a polyester – whether Bottom line, So Fine – for use in the bobbin with metallic or heavier weight poly on the top.  Cotton by its very nature is fibery, it catches and pulls metallic and polyester thread and can, and often does, break these threads that we love so much and are often afraid to use.  The silk thread calls for Bottom Line or So Fine in the bobbin.

Using the right tools helps make the quilting process successful.  If you have a thread you love like I love Superior and Aurifil, check with the manufacturer about what they recommend for bobbin thread and needle size, it may make all the difference.

Happy quilting!


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