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Maine Quilts Part 2

As I perused pics from the show I realized I didn’t take a whole lot.  Not because the quilts weren’t striking or that I didn’t find them appealing, the shutter bug in me was dozing off…I was just enjoying the beauty of the quilts.

When I walked by this quilt I had to take a photo, I love the undulating color.  I love paper piecing and sometimes wish I had time to do more.  This quilt, I would make.  With so many quilters doing hand dyes it wouldn’t take too long to gather the fabric needed.  It’s going on a someday list.

The other exhibit I enjoyed is Mary Kerrs Vintage Revisited.  This exhibit brings old and new together in a unique way taking each quilter on a journey with some surprising results.  If you have a chance to see this exhibit do!  The link today is right to their schedule and for the NY area quilters – the exhibit will be in Pine Bush in September.

Giovanna and I stopped at Strawberry Banke on the way home.  This was a lively town until sometime in the mid 60’s and has been well preserved.  The folks in charge were able to recreate the local corner store with some accuracy as some of the family members are still around and the stock boy lives not far from the village.  When putting the store back together he came over and stocked the shelves.  Things were where they belong on the shelves.

From the pasta to the Spam its all right there to look at.  Someone in the family still had records the owners kept until they closed the shop.

As we looked around the shop and older couple came in and said aloud that this is just how shops looked when they were kids during World War II.  I can just imagine the memories that brought back for him!

Even the cut-rite wax paper and Mortons Salt sit on a shelf.

There will be another Maine Quilts post, but that’s for another day.

Just a reminder Linda Poole is hosting a challenge on her blog.  Go over and have a look.  I have some of this delightful fabric, if it works out…I’ll be entering.

If you’re in the area, Hartsdale Fabrics has the panel and the border and a few of the coordinating pieces.

Happy quilting!


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