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Scuppernongs & A Fabric Oasis

My sweetie loves these grapes.  He could hardly wait to get to the Outer Banks to hit the farm stands along the road and get some of these beauties to munch on.  He enjoyed every one.  Yep, the thick skin just well, not so much on my part.  We did have the very best peaches of the year.  Sweet & juicy and just wonderfully perfect.

While we on the Outer Banks we had BBQ at Scoopies and visited Kitty Hawk Kites.  We both love kite flying and don’t get to do this often enough.  I also picked up a local brew for the Teri Lucas beer of the month club for my sweetie from the Highland Brewing Company, St. Teresa ale.  I can hardly wait to try it.

When we were in Williamsburg we visited the Pottery which has changed so much since our last visit!  We didn’t visit Colonial Williamsburg this time, perhaps sometime again.

On our way home we stopped by A Fabric Oasis.  This is a home based fabric shop type of business that is mostly on-line and vends at several shows in her area.    When my sweetie put “quilt” into the GPS Fabric Oasis came up on our way home so we stopped.  When we showed up to a residential area we were a bit skeptical & called.  In spite of her “by appointment” policy she took the time out of her busy day (she had quilters coming over later) and graciously allowed us to shop.  My sweetie shopped too, kept saying this is your style, this is your style I purchased some of what he suggested.  She also works with Didi McElroy of That Perfect Stitch and formerly of Roxanne International (they were bought out a couple of years ago) and we both think we’ve met one another.  The quilting community is at once quite huge and a warm welcoming family.  I purchased some fabrics and we went on our way.

On our way to Raleigh we visited Angelie at Red Thread Studio in Suffolk.  She’s just in the process of recovering from a fire that damaged the stairway & smoke damaged the studio.  Angelie hand dyes silk (a variety of weights) scarves that are just gorgeous.  Next time through I’m getting one of those beauties.  If you’re in Suffolk look her up.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. So funny, you don’t like grape skins. Do you get your husband to peel them like some exotic Roman empress?
    I love how all us quilters seem to ‘know’ each other.

  2. Thanks, so much for stopping by out shop. I hope you can make it again when we have everything back together and more fabric and art selections.

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