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Quilterly Beginnings

or if I knew then what I know now what would I do differently. Quilting has been part of my life since 1993.  The very same year that the Quilt Alliance was founded.  As part of their fundraising effort a quilt contest is in the works.  Click on the link to find out more.  I… Continue reading Quilterly Beginnings

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Scuppernongs & A Fabric Oasis

My sweetie loves these grapes.  He could hardly wait to get to the Outer Banks to hit the farm stands along the road and get some of these beauties to munch on.  He enjoyed every one.  Yep, the thick skin just well, not so much on my part.  We did have the very best peaches… Continue reading Scuppernongs & A Fabric Oasis

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aaaahhh, the vacation is over

My sweetie & I spent 5 glorious days in Norfolk, VA and the surrounding area.  Our hotel room overlooked the beach and he enjoyed the sunrises each morning.  I have a lot of sun rise pictures to come over the next few days.  The sky and cloud formations were just incredible.  Because Igor was off… Continue reading aaaahhh, the vacation is over