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Moon Over Manhattan

I’m delighted to present to you…

Moon Over Manhattan.

Since it’s here on my blog the answer is yes, it’s not going to Quilt National.  I’m slowly accepting this.

When our desk top is back up and running I’ll share more photos of this quilt.

*the pins you see are present as I was blocking the quilt – I didn’t send this photo.

Happy quilting!


6 thoughts on “Moon Over Manhattan”

  1. OH Teri,
    This is beautiful! I am so sad that it isn’t going to Quilt National. That just seems the perfect venue to appreciate this quilt. I love your aesthetic and your vision. You are so talented! Keep making beautiful art. Thanks for sharing.

  2. No worries Teri, that beauty is going to win lots of other places, it’s BEAUTIFUL! The fact that it did not make it into Quilt National does not lessen it’s value one tiny iota! 🙂

  3. I can’t elaborate much more on what has already been said, but it is beautiful and I love the colors. Remember, the companion piece is on a CD, and many more people will see it, even though Houston has crowds.
    As has been said, it will go places.

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