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“Moon Over Manhattan”

The full moon hung over Manhattan in a grayish/blue sky.  Victoria at Bumblebeans saw this same incredible moon and commented on it.

Not only did I know the title for the next quilt I understood the design, that I would have the 8 pointed star and it would be in a moon shape.  The rest would come, eventually.

When a friend said she would try and enter Quilt National this year I said I’d do it with her.  Not because she needed or wanted me to but because it was easier for me.  I’m really just getting started doing the show thing and well, it’s just easier doing it with a friend.  Another friend and I were texting and she really encouraged me saying, “Remember rejection is part of a healthy relationship with your art.”  I’m going to take that and run with it.  This is offering me an opportunity to develop over the next two years as a quilter in preparation for Quilt National 2013.

This corner of the quilt makes me truly happy and I’m working on something similar for the guild challenge quilt, if I can get it done by next week.  YIPES!

And as I look at it from a distance (photo’s) I can see some of the flaws, however for me, this quilt is still hugely successful.

This peacock fabric is the background for the next quilt

Originally on “Twilight in the Bronx” a friend of mine told me I was hiding my quilting.  I certainly didn’t here.  There is a lot of background quilting in a similar color but that’s meant to allow the other colors to pop forward.  I’m going for it…I’m going to enter both quilts into MQX and try for Houston next year with “Moon Over Manhattan”.

I woke up yesterday with a plan of how the next quilt will be graphed onto the fabric.

Instead of an 8 pointed star, this one will be a 5 pointed star on this Robert Kaufman Peacock Radiance.  This quilt doesn’t have a title yet, there are three more boroughs and a whole city to glean for titles.  I’m excited again about the process of seeing where this quilt goes.  I’m going to need a lot more Superior silk thread!  As I think about this quilt as much as I love doing trapunto, this one won’t have any, unless it happens as a result of the batting and an open quilting space.  I’m going to save the trapunto for another quilt I’m working on with a friend.

Have a terrific day!

Happy quilting,


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