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Knitting & Upcoming Classes

Image from the Yarn Harlot - 'cause she's amazing!

I started knitting earlier this summer to have some kind of hand work to take along with me.  Mind you I usually knit at knitting circle.  Made my teacher laugh a few weeks ago…I was having some problems with a piece I’m trying to finish – ahem, get started – finish…I started knitting a shrug.  I took said shrug with me on vacation and had a little time to knit whilst I was watching the Yankee game one night (so you know how far back that went!) and found there was a problem that I couldn’t quite figure out.  My aforementioned instructor asked me, “Teri were you knitting drunk?”  apparently I was carrying the thread along and not knitting.  My response, “possibly or watching the Yankee’s lose”, it was a toss up.

Yesterday @ knitting circle I cast on again for the shrug and can’t wait to get started.  I’m beginning to knit like I quilt – with a short attention span.  I have a scarf to finish too.

When I arrived my teacher asked if I knew how to crochet.  One of the other students needed to cast on to her needles using a crochet hook.   I did when I was little…it’s kinda like riding a bike…you never really forget.  Spending a few minutes using the other students hook & yarn I crocheted a little bit.  Tried casting on…heading in the right direction but not quite there so I asked for my friends lap top.  I googled  “crochet cast on in knitting”  and found this link Chain Cast on, spent a few minutes casting on.  Easy peasy!  I showed the other student and the instructor.  The cast on complete she started knitting her hat.  I love learning new techniques and thinking through the process.

upcoming classes

*Beginner Freemotion Quilting @ Hartsdale Fabrics -January 8 & 15, 2011 1 – 4 PM

*Advanced Machine Quilting @ Hartsdale Fabrics – February 12 & 19, 2011 1 – 4 PM

Advanced Machine quilting is based on “Twilight in the Bronx” – explore how thread weight, type & color can play on the surface of your quilt!  We will work with a 40″ whole cloth or same size quilt practicing a variety of techniques.

Quilt Bindings Friday February 18th – 10 AM, (3 hours)

*these dates are not currently on the Hartsdale website they will be shortly

Beginner Quilting with the Pelham Quilters – March 2011

Happy quilting!


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  1. Hi Teri! Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like the wall hanging. I will definitely bring it in to the store. I see you added me to your blogroll….I appreciate it. I’ve added you to my sidebar as well!

    I am going to have to come in and take some real quilting classes. 🙂

    1. I’d love to have you as a student!
      Love your work! I visited some of the other blogs – great stuff and so unique!

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