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Feelin’ Goofy

Before getting started on today’s post I’m sharing this link to Ricky Tims Jingle Bells Vid.  Hil-ari-ous!

In a quilterly moment of clarity whilst trying to stitch out one of Linda M. Poole’s color fixes one day I realized that the quilting does not have to look exactly like the picture I’m stitching out.  My pieces can be inspired by, however making exact replicas would be:

a) be rather difficult as the color fixes that inspire me are complex color schemes and motions that flow from one color to the next with some amazing fluidity

b) nerve wracking!

There are enough other things in life that are nerve wracking …why add more?

I’m always telling my students to doodle, it’s the best way to play with quilting design without using fabric & batting.

I’m also working on the sketchbook project and the whole idea, for me at least, is to branch out a bit, expanding

what I can do as a quilter.

The other day I posted this – I sketched this face out the other day and seriously it still tickles me silly when I look at it.

From that face came these three others.

I have no idea where these came from or where they’re taking me in this crazy journey of quilting.  They fit though.



They’ve been fun to play with.  Each one only takes a couple of minutes and on to the next one.


I read Lisa Fulmers’ blogs when ever she posts…some of the inspiration came from her blog on snoring.  Check THIS out!

Happy Quilting!




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  1. Great advice, we don’t have to stay on the lines when we are free motion quilting! Isn’t that what the “free” means?

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