bias binding

Back in December 07 & January 08 I posted a tutorial for making bias binding and had the opportunity yesterday to teach the class.  Once I get this t-shirt quilt I’m currently working on complete I’ll do another tutorial.  I’m adding this to the list of classes.  I think it’s easily doable as a class in a 3 or 4 hour time period with students working through the process of making bias binding.   After getting the tube made I had one of the students cut the binding.  Watching her get to the end was amazing as she really saw how the whole process worked.

I have a lot of bias from when I was making quilted tote bags (which may still happen).  I made binding after binding using a variety of fabrics that would go well with the totes I had planned.  Now floating around in my mental list of quilts is one made with all of the left over bias binding.  It’ll stay there until after a few other quilts get done.

I’m in the middle of making a rather large t-shirt quilt, so posts over the next little while will be few.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Am also in the process of making a t-shirt quilt top/duvet for our RV. Double bed size. Will finish with the side borders tomorrow, then sandwich with a very thin batting. Haven’t decided on the amount of quilting to be done. Just need enough to secure/stabilize the t-shirt top, then finish the ‘envelope’. Am very much enjoying this project…a little different. Doreen

  2. thanks for the reminder on your tutorials. I have a friend who needs uber help with her bindings and mitered corners.

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