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Lancaster part 2


There is still plenty of room in the Beginner Free Motion Quilting Class I’m teaching at the Creative Sewing Center in Auburn, ME.

Sunday April 3rd 10 AM to 4PM

I’d love to have you as a student if you’re free.  I’m bringing quilts, the CD Gallimaufry and will share tips for working with your BSR!

I didn’t buy a lot of quilterly items this trip and as I look at the photo I see that there is an item missing.  More on that later.  When we met in the hotel room for show & tell on Saturday night.  (I missed Friday night because I was chatting with Angela and some of the quilters from the old AAQMB).  My friend JB joined us for dinner at Shady Maple and then show & tell.  She’s newish quilter however she’s truly amazing in what she’s willing to try!  JB enjoys the process and is finding what works for her as a quilter.  I’m thrilled to be part of the process.

If you asked my friends if they were surprised with my purchases the answer would be no.  I bought thread.   Inspiring, invigorating thread.  I was very inspired by Dusty Farrell and his black lit neon thread quilting.  I love how his work glows an his quilting is great.  I came this close to meeting him in person but he dashed off to eat.  Quilting personalities have to eat too!  Imagine that.  Dusty will be teaching in Paducah in April with Mindy Wylie and several other long arm quilters.

The other thread in the picture is Wonderfil.  I picked this up at Kindred Quilts on the way to Lancaster.  (Toby has a great video on site introducing the quilt shop & staff!) I’m always game for trying out new thread and seeing how it plays on fabric.  I’ll post pics when I get a chance.

And here’s the black latch bobbin I picked up from Hinkletown Sewing.

Longer screw to open the tension more fully

I see some seriously huge threads and bobbin play in my future.

Of course that means more use of Vanish or Vanish Light.

Can I get a Ricky Tims Woohoo?

Oh, by the way I did get to see Ricky in Lancaster for 40 seconds…he was off to set up for his concert Friday evening.  I said hi and off he went!  It was a drive by walk by Woohoo!



Happy Quilting!


PS I will show that Dupioni in a day or two

6 thoughts on “Lancaster part 2”

    1. I did have a great time Jenice!! I love picking out thread to play with!

  1. What a luscious selection of threads! I too am getting into purchasing thread. . .it is like purchasing candy without all the calories!

    1. I like your analogy…purchasing thread is like purchasing candy without the calories!

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