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When I wrote I’ve Been Thinking it wasn’t so much about the beginner class, this class is in good working order with an appropriate amount of lecture time, samples, demonstration time and student stitching time.

Thank you so far for the responses – they are indeed helpful.

I was seeking input more on the intermediate/advanced classes.  I have a good idea of where I’d like to go with them.  I’m looking for more of what students want/need to have in the intermediate & advanced classes.    If there is a need for an intermediate level class or if what I have currently listed works.

I do have a Quilt As Desired class – that I’ve listed as “And Now What?!”  This is a lecture/demo.

The essential component of any class needs to be, must be and should be encouragement & support that the skills taught in the class can be incorporated into their quilterly  repertoire.

Happy Quilting!




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  1. Recap of basics and demoing stitches is a good idea. Then I would like to spend time just stitching with your guidance to develope technique. Experimenting with different thread combos would be good as well. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi! Having taken your beginning machine quilting class, I think an intermediate class would be good for newbies like me to break out of our cocoons! It would be helpful to have guidance on designs and application of those in different scenarios. Sometimes I am too nervous to mess the project up, that I stick with what I know will work and can do pretty well, like stipling. I love all the different designs, but learning the creative process on where those are applied best would be great. By the way, love your new do!!!

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