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MQX Show

Sunday morning didn’t actually dawn until I was on the road to MQX.  The sunrise heading east was beautiful.  Bright and pink and playful behind the clouds and landscape of  eastern Westchester County.

I first saw the quilts of my friend Angela’s kids.  They each entered a quilt and went home with ribbons.  I’m asking Angela’s permission before posting the quilts on the blog.  Each of the kids quilted on Angela’s long arm.

Then I saw “Twilight in the Bronx”.  I knew earlier in the week that I’d not won a ribbon, what I didn’t know until Saturday is that Linda V Taylor awarded it a teachers ribbon.  Thank you Linda!  It was quite a delight.

There were a lot of outstanding quilts, including this beautiful Best of Show by Janet Stone.  Janet quilted “Red Letter Daze” on her Janome.  Way to go Janet!

Before I show the next quilt I must tell you that the first booth when walking in the door was the Superior Threads booth.  Yes!  I’ll show you the thread I purchased in a day or two.  I got a cone of one color to finish some major pebbling and swirling feathering on a quilt that is due shortly.

Sally Bramald of Feather on a Wire entered this delightful quilt of an elongated feather and incredible pebbling.

Sally pebbled and pebbled and pebbled!  One quilter nearby when I stopped to get this pic described the feather as a python, which I thought apropos as Sally is from the UK, though I don’t know if she’s a Monty Python fan.  Hmm, I’ll have to ask her that sometime soon.

 Mary Schilke (one of MQX’s owners) entered this quilt into a special Pictoral Exhibit.

It’s titled “Love Abides” and shows a dad holding his little one.

A sweet quilt from a sweet (photo) memory.

More tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. You certainly have permission to put my kidlet’s quilts on your blog. Cross your fingers because the quilts are headed to MQS next! Are you sending your MQX entry there too?

  2. Congradulations on the ribbon. I was there Friday and I saw your quilt and loved it!

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