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And even more MQX

One thing I’ve learned to appreciate over the last few years is the depth and breadth of  quilters.  I love seeing what styles and types of quilts that engage quilters attention and how they bring their style to cloth and thread.

When I rounded the corner Laura Cooke’s Wooli Dreams immediately caught my attention.  Laura was inspired by Aboriginal art on a trip to Australia.  To me this quilt is well grounded and cheery.  I love that the focal point is off center and the use of color & texture to draw the eye.

Karen Marchetti’s quilt Oliver was inspired by a class with Sharon Schamber.

This owl fascinated me for two reasons:

1) the quilting is beautiful and fits the background of the quilt well

2) a good friend is working on two owl projects – the first is a quilt that she’s been collecting fabrics for and the second is a painted owl she’s working on in a class that will eventually come and live at my house for a while.  It’s a fair trade (I think) she gets to keep our quilt at her house.

Janet-Lee Santeusanio, one of the founders of MQX walked around the show to each one of the vendors wearing her crocs.  This is the first year she’s not walking around in a boot cast.  She was very happy!  She and Mary were wearing garments from one of their vendors that had a very quilterly appearance to them.  I nearly bought a scarf for the upcoming wedding from the vendor but after talking with the Yarn & Fiber vendor I decided to make my own.

I traveled with these gals to MQX.

I thought I had another photo of the two of them with both of their faces in full view but alas I do not.  I’m thinking that I thought about getting their picture together or our picture together.  Such is life.  They had as much fun at the Superior Threads booth as I did.  Laura (the gal obscured by the blue drape) picked up a few things for her long arm and learned a little something by the gals in the APQS booth.  Yay!

On the way home we stopped at the Cuckoo’s Nest for dinner.  My sweetie and I happened upon this restaurant years ago on a drive through CT.  Yummy food.  I was glad to stop, driving in heavy rain is wearing on the shoulders…thankfully I was really paying attention to the other vehicles around me…some driver decided that passing me was very necessary and coming into my lane early was a very good idea…thankfully I managed to avoid an accident!  On good weather days drivers take unnecessary risks…slow down when it rains!

 This is Laura trying to be all serious…doesn’t work Laura.

We know the truth – you’re a smiling stitch!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Next time you are in the area and stopping to eat, let me know, I could have met you at the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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